Cat Bearding with Fresh Step Cat Liter


Recently I tricked Mom into taking me to Sams Club in FWB so I could pick up some Fresh Step cat liter. I haven't been to a Sams Club in ages and I was like a kid in a candy store. You can see a series of pics I took while avoiding awkward glances from strangers wondering why I was taking so many photos in my Google + album.

One of the best random finds of the day was this book:2013-09-01 12.26.00

Without even opening the book I can tell you what my cat is thinking:

Can I eat that?

Can I poop on that?

Does Mom need help waking up this morning?

So - I picked up this gigantic bag without even looking at the price and was seriously floored when we hit the self-checkout and saw that it was under $16, with tax. That's about what I pay for half that amount in other stores. I've been using Fresh Step since I got my first cat, Big Sexy, about 10 years ago. I may have tried another brand or two in the beginning but always came back to Fresh Step because it does what it's supposed to to. I never smell the liter box (unless Salem's just left me a huge present in there, which he likes to do the moment I get in the bath) and it clumps easily so cleaning the box is a breeze. Now, they've improved the formula even more by using natural plant extracts to help eliminate odors. #winning.

I'm also totally fanatical about collecting the paw points off the boxes. If you buy it from Sams club you can get double points now until October 31st and they rack up fast! I usually save mine to get a free bag of liter every few months.

Fresh StepSomething I wasn't aware of is the recent trend of cat-bearding. I know it's totally shocking that I, crazy cat lady, was unaware of a cat-related social phenomena!

Cat Bearding with Fresh Step

Getting Salem to sit still was about as difficult as you'd expect. He was a pretty good boy for about 10 seconds then he tried to claw my eyes out. You can see a behind-the-scenes video of it on my Instagram here.

Mom and Dad came out for the afternoon to celebrate Mom's birthday so Dad played photographer. Salem managed to behave himself long enough to take a cute picture with him.

Cat Bearding with Fresh Step

I knew it would be hard to get the same cute cat-bearding photos as other people because Salem is so black it's hard to really see him. Plus, he's morbidly obese.

Cat Bearding with Fresh Step

Think you could pull off a better cat-bearding photo? Enter the contest here and the winner will receive professional photos with their cat and a year of cat liter. #MyDreamComeTrue