Catching Up: Pregnancy Weeks 1-19


How did we find out? After the D&C in October a part of me felt like the only way I'd be able to completely move on from it was to get pregnant again. We were SO lucky that it only took us two cycles for that to happen. A few days before Christmas I took an early response test and it came out positive! I wanted to think of a cute way to tell Travis. We were going to open our Christmas presents up early before driving up to Ohio to spend Christmas with his family on Christmas Eve. I thought about buying some cute baby shoes and giving them to him as a present. I couldn't wait the day or two to tell him so I just blurted it out at home one day. We were thrilled! Spending the week with his family was hard because we wanted to tell everyone but after our last pregnancy knew it was best to wait a few weeks. At one point his Mom mentioned wanting more grandkids and I just sat there grinning like an idiot.Ava

Weeks 3-6

My fears of having another missed miscarriage were alive and well the first trimester. I've had a very, very easy pregnancy thus far. I felt a teeny tiny bit of nausea, but I wouldn't even say I had 'morning sickness.' My boobs hurting was the first major symptom I had, but aside from that I felt almost 100% normal! We went to our first prenatal appointment at 6 weeks and saw the baby and it's beautiful flickering heartbeat on the ultrasound.

Baby took it's first flight with me as I went to Chicago to shoot the Premier Protein commercial during week 5!

2015-01-04 11.52.08

Weeks 7-10

Right after my D&C I found a Yoga Teacher Training program in Pensacola, FL that would be 100% paid for thanks to a military scholarship. I felt so detached and betrayed by my body that I signed up for it hoping that it would help me get away from everything for a bit and feel more like myself again. When I found out I was pregnant again I emailed the instructor who assured me I'd be fine to complete the 21 day program so I packed my bags and spent 3 weeks of the first trimester at YTT.


I think the daily yoga and meditation really helped calm my nerves and keep me preoccupied with thoughts other than 'is my baby still alive?' During week 8 I had a horrible cold that I went to urgent care for (on the off chance it was something worse that may need treatment.) During week 9 I had a naaaaasty bout of food poisoning after going to an Indian food restaurant. I was throwing up all night and doubled over in pain from cramps. I had to miss a day of training and spent all day in bed drinking gatoraide and wondering if little babe was okay.

In the middle of YTT Travis came down and picked me up to go to New Orleans to run the Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon. I was originally supposed to run the full but I wasn't trained for it so I ran the half instead. This was also right when I started doing low HR training so I did a lot of walking during the race. I had a blast though!

New Orleans

When I got back from YTT we had a prenatal appointment schedule for that Monday. I was SO nervous. Thankfully baby's heartbeat was there and it finally started to feel real for me. We immediately went to buy some maternity pants. I literally had one pair of jeans that broke right before YTT so I didn't have anything to wear. I figured I might as well get them now and enjoy them!2015-02-09 13.29.51

Weeks 11-13

Travis got me Sims 3 for my PC for Valentines Day. He figures I'll be spending a lot of time sitting on the couch this summer. I'll spend my 3rd trimester in the ridiculous Southern heat. I'm already planning to spend most mornings at the pool and most afternoons working from the couch!

Had a low fever for two days during week 11 but my OB said not to worry about it. Once week 12 hit I woke up and immediately felt back to normal (i.e. not pregnant anymore.)  By the end of the first trimester I had gained 4 pounds. The recommended amount is 1-5 so I was happy with that!

Weeks 14-19

I started seeing floaters around week 15 and Dr. google told me I was dying. Not literally, but it did scare the crap out of me so I called my OB and she told me to get an eye exam asap. I was due for my yearly eye exam anyway so it timed out well. I went and the Doc dilated my eyes and said my retinas looked great. She said it's not uncommon for an increase in hormones to cause floaters and that I may continue to have them until after the baby is born. Yay.

Here's my first 'official' bump photo at 16 weeks!


Around week 17 I started to feel the baby move which is amazing and beautiful and weird. I wasn't sure if it was the baby at first but now it's daily and definitely the baby. It feels like there's a teeny tiny finger poking at my lower belly. Travis hasn't been able to feel them yet but baby's always active around 10 a.m. and whenever I drink Lemon Pierrer. He's fancy.

By week 18 I had gained 12 pounds; 8 more pounds in 5 weeks! I looked at a bunch of weight charts and they all say I've gained too much already. HA. I've been working out 5ish times a week, and am still eating pretty healthy (I had a few weeks where I was definitely going out to eat too much but I'm back to normal now) so if I'm gaining too much the only thing I could do to slow it down is cut calories and I'm just not going to do that (I'm eating about 2000 a day.)

As of yesterday I hit 19 weeks and from here on out will be doing updates at monthly markers (next one at 20 weeks, than 24, etc.)


Now that we've had the anatomy scan I feel like there aren't any major 'firsts' left to look forward to until the birth day! We've started getting lots of great baby stuff from the grandparents. I wish we had a nursery to set up but we are scheduled to move SIX DAYS after my due date. We still don't know where we will be moving. I can't think about it for too long without wanting to bawl up into a fetal position.

I've definitely felt an uptick in symptoms this week. My hips have been hurting and sleeping on my side isn't helping. My low back hurts if I run or walk for too long so I'm ordering a belly band off of Amazon this week that should help. I had a nosebleed (my first since I was a little kid) this week, and I feel like I'm nearly suffocating sometimes. The breathlessness is really the worst symptom right now. I've also been super tired these last few days! I took a nap yesterday, and still fell asleep in my make-up and contacts at 9 p.m. (I can't remember the last time that's happened) and slept through my alarm (for a total of 10 hours of sleep!) I haven't worked out in two days because I just have zero energy. I'm hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling a bit better!

Any food aversions/cravings?

I definitely don't love vegetables as much as I used too. It's getting better now but during the first trimester I don't think I ate any. I haven't had any real cravings either. Occasionally I'll tell Travis I want some taco bell STAT, but that's not atypical. Last night I had chili and gummy bears. I'm definitely eating more carbs than usual, and I'm trying to track my macros in MyFitnessPal to hit at least 100 grams of protein a day. I always wondered if I'd crave meat if I became pregnant and so far I haven't! Although, Travis got some fried chicken the other day that smelled amazing.

Any stretch marks? 

Yes! Not from this pregnancy though. I already have some from gaining/loosing 50 pounds before so I'm not too concerned about getting more. Of course I'd like to avoid them but I know it's based on genetics so I'm not stressing over preventing them. I have been using Mama Bee Belly Butter like 2x a week (when I remember I have it) and trying to stay super hydrated.

Any experience moving with a newborn?

How much weight did you gain with your babies? How much did you gain at the 20 week mark?