Celebrate Earth Day!

I decided to do this post a few weeks ago when I realized there was a fun way anyone could try to do their part in supporting local business and sustainable products - by shopping! I've mentioned it before but I used to be a pretty active seller on Etsy. I spent some time looking for shops to feature on here for Earth Day whose products capture the essence of my favorite green Holiday. First up, Laura from Aromacandles! I knew I had to include soy candles in this because  most people are unaware of how dangerous traditional candles are. When you burn paraffin based candles they actually release carcinogens into the air. I work so hard to keep my body healthy from the inside out and I'm so happy I switched to soy candles last year. They are a bit more expensive but absolutely worth it. Laura sent me Lavender Vanilla and Rosemary Lemongrass.

Rosemary LemongrassI am a lavender fanatic so I thought that would be my favorite but I fell in love with the Rosemary Lemongrass (her bestselling scent!) Within 20-30 minutes of lighting it my entire 490 sq ft studio apartment smells divine.

Next, the funnest product I received - a D.I.Y. Terrarium Kit from Gypsy Raku! I love having as many plants as possible indoors but there aren't a whole lot of options that are okay with little light and a cat that eats everything it can. This is an adorable solution! The kit came with everything clearly marked and instructions for how to put it together.



It's pretty tiny (the jar measures 4.25" high) but perfect for keeping on my nightstand. Plus, did you see the one that comes with the little house? Cuteness overload. Oh, and because they rock Gypsy Raku is offering a 10% discount to their shop using code GYPSYBLOG4!

terrariumLast, but definitely not least, the most complimented article of clothing I have ever owned - this epic Crazy Cat Lady shirt from RC Tees. I've never worn an organic cotton shirt before but it is so stinking soft I don't know how I can ever go back to non-organic cotton! I absolutely love wearing this out because every single time I do I get someone stopping me to tell me how much they love it.


They have tons of other cat friendly designs but this one is probably my favorite:

Real ManThis will  be the first thing I buy my next future ex-boyfriend.

I am so thankful to the shops for donating a few items for me to review and share on here. Please take a moment and check them out!


Gypsy Raku

RC Tees

Have you shopped on Etsy before? What did you do to celebrate Earth Day this year?