Celebrating Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Last week we had a lot to celebrate! Celebrating Our son was born on Sunday and our 1 year wedding anniversary was Saturday. I knew with this little monster hanging around we'd keep things low key and stick around the house. I'm still so paranoid about bringing him out anywhere! 

That outfit, while adorable, is so misleading. He is such a good baby! He seriously never cries unless we are changing him, or it's time to be fed (every 2.5 hours like clockwork.)

As part of the date night box I made Travis for Christmas I had an anniversary date included. It was just a sweet card with a gift card to Olive Garden since it was the closest restaurant to us locally that was similar to where we had our reception (Carabbas.) Travis was shocked when he looked up and a few minutes into the meal I was finishing the last bite of my pasta and he was only about halfway done with his. That's never happened before. The breastfeeding hunger is so real.Olive garden to go

We saved a slice of our wedding cake and, just like our wedding night, we ate the shit out of it while lounging around in bed. 

The rest of the weekend was spent obsessing over this little guy. I love him so much it hurts. He's just downstairs now with my Dad and I miss him like crazy.

How old were your babies when you first took them out in public?