Christmas: In Photos

2013-12-24 13.24.59Calf warmers from Grace and Lace. 2013-12-25 07.23.36Breakfast (x3)2013-12-25 07.26.23Handmade stockings.2013-12-25 07.37.15Mom 'adopted' a pygmy elephant for me!2013-12-25 07.51.32A runners Christmas. 2013-12-25 08.11.46Dad and I got matching Garmins (& registrations to a half marathon next weekend!)2013-12-25 14.54.07I used Andes mints as a spoon for my peanut butter.2013-12-24 14.35.44-2One of the few days a year I can justify glitter eyeliner.

I hope you all had a Happy Holiday!