Christmas Vacation

Remember all that healthy food prep I did for our road trip last week? Well, despite all my hard work this was the first meal I had on the way up to Ohio Christmas Eve. It's probably been years since I ordered a shake for the sole purpose of dipping hot greasy fries in it. So, so good. Road trip foodThe rest of the trip my meals were significantly more healthy!Road trip food 2We got in late that night and walked into see this gorgeous Christmas tree. It was hard for me to be away from my family on Christmas but I wasn't as all sad as I thought I may be on Christmas Day since there were so many things to do and people to see while we were there! Plus, both of his grandmothers are pretty much the sweetest people ever and made me feel instantly at home and part of the family. ChristmasChristmas day we went for a 6 mile run through the thriving metropolis of Enon, Ohio. I love using running as a way to see a new city. Before we left the weather had a chance of snow on the forecast for Christmas day but by the time we arrived that was no longer on the schedule. Well, that didn't happen and we had a tiny bit of flurries on our run! It was a mix of rain, snow and little bits of ice. It felt fabulous on my face (total sarcasm.) I don't know how y'all Yankees do it. Running1His sister gave me this beautiful Origami Owl necklace. Origami owl makes these lockets and about 1,000 charms that you can pick which one's you'd like to include. I love the two she included in mine! So sweet and simple (check out her Origami Owl shop.) Oragami OwlThe real highlight of the trip was meeting my niece for the first time! She is the happiest, most easy going baby I've ever been around. She's such a doll!AvaThe last half of the trip we stayed at his Dad and Step-moms house. Their home is gorgeous, and after walking in I could immediately tell where Travis gets his affinity for animals from. They have two dogs and three cats (minus the two that we now have with us.) They also take care of  a few neighborhood cats that hang out outside. By 'take care of' I mean feed, provide heated pet beds for, and keep their water dishes warm during the winter so their water doesn't turn to ice. When I die I want to be reincarnated into a cat and sent to live with them. My favorite pet they had was this outdoor cat named Kitty. She's about 18 years old and has some issues with her left eye (I tried to get a photo of it but you probably can't tell much in this.) She was so sweet I couldn't walk inside without stopping to pet her for a few minutes. KittySaturday morning I woke up early and headed over to Xenia, Ohio to run along some paved trails they have there. I was super excited to go because (1) running and (2) the movie Gummo was based on the town. Gummo is this ridiculously bizarre 'slice of life' film that my roommate and I probably watched 30+ times in my early 20's (alcohol may have been involved in 99% of the viewings.) It's so hard to even explain how weird the movie is, but we loved it.

As we were driving into Xenia we passed by this track and saw a guy riding a chariot around on a dirt track. Because of course that's the very first thing I'd see when getting into Xenia. I was later told by my equestrian followers on Twitter that it's called harness racing, but I still thing chariot racing sounds so much more badass. HorsesI had another good 6 mile run before we hit up McDonalds on the way home. I love their oatmeal (and may have torn up some hashbrowns.) RunningThe night before we left his Dad and stepmom made us an incredible farewell dinner. They had steak and I had some Digiornio garlic and spinach pizza (SO GOOD.) All the roasted veggies made me feel right at home. His Dad even picked me up some Arctic Zero for dessert! I was so full I forgot to even have any but that was such a thoughtful gesture (and looking back I should have taken it with me for breakfast on the way home Sunday!)Farewell dinnerThis was my first time traveling over the Holiday's and it was a total whirlwind. Many great memories were made but it wasn't without it's stressful moments. Driving 12+ hours there and back, trying to spend equal time with everyone in his family, and being around each other 24/7 wasn't always easy. I say this because I don't want to ever appear as though things are always 'perfect' for me. I've never understood how people always said the Holiday's were so stressful, but I can certainly understand what they mean now! Falling asleep Sunday night watching Sailor Moon with Salem in my arms never felt better.

Do you travel to see family, or stay home?