Cinderella is Waddling to the Ball

I kicked off this weekend with a very hot and humid 5k walk. My average pace was just over 22 minutes per mile and I gained almost 600 feet in elevation! I started the walk around 10 a.m. and the heat index was about 100 by the time I got back. I was exhausted. One perk of walking while pregnant - it burns twice the calories I used to burn on a similar walk. My heart rate was staying in the 160's as I was walking uphill. It felt great to get in a 'challenging' workout but I definitely paid the price for it later ... Weekend6

After the walk all I could think of was jumping into the cold pool. Being in the water makes all my low back/hip pain go away and I was so overheated when I got home I immediately changed into my  bathing suit and walked down to our neighborhood pool. Weekend4

I spent about an hour in the water walking around before heading home to shower and go dress shopping. Travis had mentioned there being a military ball the night before his graduation. Given my robust stomach, and the fact that we are having a baby and moving in 2 months, we were going to skip it to save money. Well, turns out it's mandatory so that wasn't an option. I was talking to my Mom about Travis going alone so we'd save the cost of my ticket and having to buy a pregnancy appropriate dress for myself. A few days later I got a check from my sweet parents to help out as they felt it was important for both of us to go and enjoy one of our last pre-baby excursions.

So, I posted on my facebook page saying I was going formal dress shopping at 33 weeks and took bets on how many times I'd break down and cry from frustration in the dressing rooms. The wife of one of Travis's friends found her dress for $25 on clearance at a bridal shop so we headed there first to check it out. The clerk and I pulled any dress that looked like it may fit me. She asked what size I was looking for, and I said, "Well, I'm a 2/4 pre-pregnancy so I was looking for a 6/8 with a lot of give in the waist (like an empire cut.)" She suggested I look at sizes 12-14 and I thought the bitch was out of her mind.

Well, we pulled the only two dresses that look like they may work, both size 12, and I couldn't get either of them to zip up. Surprisingly, I didn't have a melt down in the dressing room. She suggested we go check out the other stores location downtown so off we went.

The whole way there I felt like I was about 30 seconds away from peeing myself. The constant need to go is very, very real in the third trimester. We get to the second store and as soon as we walk in we see this giant fountain. WHO HAS A GIANT WATER FOUNTAIN IN THEIR DRESS STORE?


The clerk there was very sweet and let Travis and I dig around the clearance racks. I found three dresses, she and I both thought they'd work great, AND NOT A SINGLE ONE WOULD ZIP UP. I came out half undressed to show Travis (I felt like he didn't believe me when I said nothing was fitting.) I asked the clerk if she had any suggestions on other places to look, and she said she was also pregnant and had luck at JCPenny's.

To the mall!

As soon as we got to Penny's Travis spotted this adorable fleece suit he was actually trying to find online to buy a few weeks ago. It was 50% off and he picked up a similar looking camo one. We are slowly trying to stock up on warm clothes for our Alaska move. Weekend

I was pleasantly surprised at how many dresses they had on hand, and most of them were in the $50 price range. I tried on this one, and while it fit pretty well it looked more businessy than formal. Weekend1

Then, I tried on this dress, and fell in love! It was a size 6, and when I came out to show Travis the first thing I said was, "HA. I told you I didn't need no size 12's!"Weekend2

Even though it was a bit more on the casual side, I knew that my options were going to be pretty limited and I figured I could wear some nice jewelry and shoes to class it up a bit. I've seen photos of previous graduation balls online and I wouldn't look out of place wearing this. Plus, the blue would go so well with his dress uniform!Weekend3I bought this dress but we checked a few more stores out just in case (after a trip to Taco Bell in the food court.) I ended up finding another dress we both loved that was much more formal so I bought that dress, and returned the one above. I can't wait to show it off after the ball next week!

After spending almost all day on my feet we got home and I collapsed into bed. That night I woke up about every 2 hours dying of thirst. I'd chug a huge glass of water, or some coconut water, and go back to bed. I ended up drinking a giant container of coconut water and 2 huge glasses of water before waking up at 6 a.m. to eat breakfast.

I felt like death. Even my eyeballs felt dry. I knew I didn't drink as much as I should have while we were out on Saturday. I didn't want to have to keep using the public restrooms every 30 minutes. Stupid excuse. After breakfast I fell back asleep for a few hours and when Travis came in to check on me I asked him to bring me some more water, tylenol (I had a horrific headache all night that wasn't going away and this is the first time I've taken any medicine aside from Tums since the first trimester), my blood pressure cuff and a thermometer. My BP was normal, but my heart rate was high. I knew it was just from dehydration so I pretty much spent all day in bed Sunday drinking water. Thankfully, I feel 100% back to normal now, and baby has been just as active as usual.

This week we have about 246 errands to run to get everything ready to move. Next week his family will be in town for his graduation so we are looking forward to having them here and hopefully making a trip to the beach!

How was your weekend? What color would you paint your nails to go with a dark blue dress?