Cirque de la Sympohnie and other Weekend Shenanigans

I blinked and the weekend was over. Friday night I went in to work at the gym for a few hours. I haven't talked about it much on here but I'm starting work as a Personal Trainer a few days a week and the gym I'll be working at is finally open! It's great doing something you love because I was actually really happy to be going in to work on a Friday night. I'm so excited to meet all of the people who will be working out there and the chance I have to learn a ridiculous amount about training first-hand so I can bring back the best tips for you guys!

Saturday morning I got up and went for a run. I didn't have any specific distance in mind. I brought a gu pack in case it turned into a long run and at mile 5 I decided I was going to go for 10. That's the most I've ran in a few weeks since my knee issues and I felt incredible after!

2013-02-09 10.00.54My pace was just two seconds slower than my race time at last weekends Double Bridge run. Normally, after a long run, I'd spend a few hours working from home on the couch with ice on my knee and a heating band on my IT Band. No such luck this time. After I inhaled some post run snacks I went out to the post office to mail out my Valentines! I am SO excited for everyone to receive them. I'll post pictures of the cards I made on Thursday!

While I was at the Post Office I got a text from one of the owners at the gym that they were pretty busy at the open house and needed me to head up there. After a quick shower and lunch I headed in for a few hours and got to meet a few more clients. They were also almost done setting up the TRX station when I left - I cannot wait to get on that thing! Before heading back to the house I stopped at Waffle House to get some coffee. I've been craving coffee lately and I needed some since I was already exhausted and had a long night ahead of me!

2013-02-09 15.50.48

I made it back to the house just in time to meet my Dad there. He came out to attend an event at the Saenger Theater with me. He also happened to bring over one of his epic homemade salads for us to have as dinner at the house before we headed out (bunch of health freaks in this family.)

2013-02-09 17.47.24

I don't remember if I've ever had a hard-broiled egg in my salads before but they are going to become a regular addition. He also brought the cutest Valentines gift from my Mom (and Dad picked out the jelly beans.)


2013-02-09 17.08.52

Salem has already claimed the bear as his new toy and I've been pretty high off sugar these last two days. What better way to celebrate Valentines?

After dinner we snapped a few pictures since we were dressed all fancy like - love dad's Jerry Garcia tie!


On the agenda for the evening was the incredible Cirque de la Symphonie. It's like Cirque du Soleil but done in front of a symphony orchestra! It was downtown at the Saenger, which is by far one of the most incredible buildings in Pensacola.


{Photo from the Saenger theater's website}

Cirqu{Photo from the Cirque de la Symphonie website}

I haven't been to the Theater in ages so this was such a treat for me. We had the best balcony seats and the performers were unbelievable. The Pensacola Symphony Orchestra was perfection and they played a few of my favorite classical pieces as well as introduced me to a new incredible composer - Mexican composer Arturo Marquez.

Sunday I woke up with a ridiculously long to-do list: Grocery shopping, Target, Petland, blog stuff, food prep, lecture prep, grade papers, clean, ... I had to cram a lot in given it was my 1 total day off this week! It was gross and rainy out so I decided it was okay to sport pj's/workout clothes and glasses:

2013-02-10 09.38.35

I am in desperate need of new clothes so I tried on some stuff at Target while I was there picking up vitamins and a few other items. All of my clothes are either professional, to teach in, or workout wear. I managed to pick up a 2 cute shirts for Spring but failed in the pants/shorts department. I always love seeing pastel colored skinny jeans on other girls but my ex said they weren't very flattering on me. Screw him. I tried a ton on and loved the color on me but they just didn't fit well at all. My calves were busting out of them even when I went up a few sizes!

2013-02-10 10.11.00


Am I the only one still scared of colored skinny jeans? What's the one new thing I should buy for my wardrobe this Spring? I'm totally fashion deprived - I need your help decided what's 'in'!