Completing my first Marathon with Mizuno

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno


I said it.

Remember the big decision I was trying to make last week? Well, I made it and as of July 15th I will officially begin training for my very first marathon. I'm still going to try and cross-train with swimming and cycling as soon as I can afford a proper bike but my primary focus is going to be on killing 26.2 miles!

I remember the last new shoes I purchased. As soon as I put them on I had this overwhelming sensation when I realized I'd be completing my first half marathon while wearing them. That exact emotion came up again as I tried on my new Wave Sayonara Mizuno shoes. I hadn't even stepped out the door in them yet and I just knew that I was ready to commit to this incredible goal and that these shoes will be with me every step of the way, literally!


Over the course of the last year I've started to become known as 'the runner' to most of my friends. I occasionally have people ask me for recommendations on running shoes and I am woefully ignorant on the subject. I've only worn one brand before, and they seemed okay, but in just a week of running in Mizuno's I've noticed an incredible difference.


First, I haven't had a single issue with blistering as I did with my prior shoes. I thought I was just prone to blisters but apparently my shoes were the issue! It is surreal to come home from a 5-6 mile run with zero pain.

Despite my overwhelming happiness as the thought of not having hideous runners feet anymore I  was even more surprised with how much my posture has changed while wearing the Mizunos. As I started walking in them I noticed there was significantly more support on the outer portions of my feet. At first it felt strange and I wondered how long it would take for me to get adjusted to it, but by the time I finished my first mile I began to see what a difference the support was making. My back seemed to be better aligned as I was running, and my hips were tucked under my shoulders as they should be. My running form can slack on long runs and I start to arch my upper back and stick my stomach out to far so I get low back pains. Zero issues with this wearing the Mizunos.

Finally, these babies are light. I weighed my old shoes and the new Mizunos and they are a half a pound lighter. Do you realize how much of a difference a half a pound makes after a few miles of running? My very first run was a quick 3 miles and my pace time was about 30 seconds better than normal. That's what's up!

2013-06-22 07.07.23

Since I started running I always heard about the 'big' brands like Mizuno. I get the hype now. I literally cannot go back to my old shoes ever again after seeing what a difference these shoes have made on my form and time. I also love the entire culture associated with Mizuno. When you start running in Mizuno's you become part of this huge, incredible family. I watched this video on The Meaning of Mezamashii Running and had to fight back tears. When people ask me why I run, this is why:

The Mizuno Wave Sayonara will be released on July 5th and please considering going to check them out! I mean - wouldn't it be worth it to take 30 seconds off your average pace?

2013-06-24 07.30.07

Now, excuse me while I go deal with the fact I've publicly committed to running a marathon.