Dare you to Share: Random Acts of Kindness

I try to act as an advocate for doing nice things for people (or animals.) So, when UnitedHealthcare contacted me to see if I'd be interested in sharing one of their campaigns that focused on doing just that I was happy to oblige!

Their goal is simple: encourage random acts of kindness. To help do this they have organized a 'dare' and are asking for you to share photos of how you have helped others. Simple! So, check out the gallery of photos entered already to get inspired and if you submit your own you could win a $400 gift card!

While it certainly wasn't random, I think the biggest act of kindness I participated in lately was raising money for the Pensacola Humane Society with my first marathon. I still can't believe how many of you supported the cause and enabled me to take a check for $750 to the shelter the week after my race! (I've never seen a cuter snotty nose in my entire life.)RAOK1Or that one time I made up a bunch of these little 'love bombs' and left them all over town. RAOKWant to share your random act of kindness? Enter your own photo! Be sure to check out Source4Women on facebook, twitter, & pinterest.

What's the last kind thing you did for someone else? What's the last kind thing you did for yourself?