A Day in the Life {Including How I'm Eating During Marathon Training}

Someone asked me on Facebook yesterday to do a 'day in the life post.' I'm always fascinated with other people's day-to-day lives. I love it when my favorite bloggers to something like this so I thought I'd share what a typical Tuesday for me looks like. I also wanted to show what I'm eating now that I'm marathon training again. I've fallen into the habit of usually just showing off the healthiest meals of the day I eat (or lots of nachos) on my social media accounts. I called out other bloggers for doing that in my 'are most bloggers liars?' post so I felt I needed to show a more genuine reflection of my eating habits. 5:15 a.m. Wake up, eat a plain gluten free waffle and do trigger point before I leave the house to go run.

6 a.m. Running! Tuesdays are speed work days during the Hanson method (usually 6-8 miles of warm-up/cool down and interval work.) It's also the 6th straight day of running so I'm usually running on tired legs but I do pretty well with the workout since I know tomorrow is rest day!

7:30 a.m. Return home. Eat a GF bagel (love Udi's!) with chive & onion cream cheese + a veggie Italian sausage. I'm obsessed with this breakfast and have had it for weeks now. If I've done a hard run that day I'll also drink a glass of Vega recovery. I eat breakfast while checking my emails, responding to comments on the blog, and reading blogs/news. Since I'm now teaching 120+ students at two schools between those emails and my personal/blog emails this usually takes me a while!

2014-08-14 08.15.14

8:30 a.m. Do dishes and clean the house. I like to sweep, clean the counter tops, and the bathroom once a day usually. It doesn't take me very long and I love coming home to a clean house!

9:00 a.m. Shower, blow dry my hair while reviewing my lecture notes for the day, and make a shakeology to drink on the drive to class!

2014-08-27 12.07.28-1

10:00 a.m. Drive to campus, take selfies at red lights to send to boyfriend, fight for parking, and hang out in the Adjunct office until classes start.


11:00 a.m. - 2 p.m. Educate the youth of America. I have a 15 minute break between these two classes and will usually stuff a protein bar in my face during that time. I give the exact same lecture back-to-back so the second time I teach it I stand in front of the room fighting off major deja-vu the whole time.

2:30 - 6 p.m. After class I'm usually starving. Since I leave the house at 10 I don't want to eat lunch that early, so I just snack then and during the class break, and usually again when I get home. This week it was an entire box of Special K cracker chips. After I eat again I'll work on blog/freelance work. Sometimes I'll work from one of my school offices or sometimes I'll go home to work. I try to write at least one blog post a day (I love having several ready and scheduled to be published for the week ahead!) I usually have at least one freelance piece to work on, and if not I have a never-ending blog 'to do' list I can always work on.

6 p.m. Dinner! I try to stop working by 6 at the latest. When I first started blogging I found I was constantly working since there was always something I could be doing. This was not benefiting my mental health or stress levels! I get email notifications on my phone so if something urgent/exciting comes through I'll respond right away, but for the most part I try to wrap things up by 6. Dinner's lately have been all over the place. I haven't been food prepping since I'm constantly driving back and forth to Alabama on the weekends now. Last week I had these delicious chili omelettes every night with some sort of veggie on the side.

2014-08-18 17.52.11

7: p.m. - 9 p.m. Relax! I've been on a 7th Heaven kick so I'll usually put that on while I play computer games on the couch. I'm always hungry again around 8 or so and lately I've been eating spoonfuls of tahini out of the jar. Other go-to night snacks for me are popcorn, arctic zero or granola bars.

2014-08-14 13.57.41

9 p.m. Bed! I try to get to bed anytime between 9-9:30 and always bring a snack with me - is that weird? I'm obsessed with slicing up a Fuji apple and drowning it in cinnamon. I love munching on it as I watch Sabrina or Full House before I fall asleep.

Throughout the day add in lots of texts to Travis, harassment of my cat, and the occasional 20-30 minute afternoon nap (I blame the Hashimotos!) Overall, I'm eating an average of 2,000-2,500 calories a day now (running 40-50 miles a week and I weigh 115-120.) I'm never hungry, and I've definitely been eating a bit carb heavy lately. I'm going to work on food prepping meals that have veggies built into them (like this veggie packed pasta or cauliflower & rice curry.)

So - that's my life now. I can't lie ... I am a bit stressed adjusting to teaching 5 classes again from the two I taught this summer. Of the 5 classes I'm teaching 4 are different courses, 1 I've never taught before, and 1 is using a new textbook this year. I spend about 20-25 hours a week on school related work, and the same amount of time on blogging/writing. Add in 10-15 hours of training and 5 hours of driving (round trip) on most weekends to see Travis and I'm exhausted! Happy, but exhausted. Having money will be VERY nice this term. I've already been able to pay off my credit card that skyrocketed again last week after a $500 trip to Pepboys and I'm hoping to save a ton of money over the next few months so that's keeping me motivated to work hard and hustle!

How much time a day do you give yourself to relax or pursue non-work activities?

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day? What would you like to spend more time doing that you can't?