Day of iPhone Pictures

I ended up taking a ton of pictures with my phone yesterday so I thought it would be fun to post them all as a glimpse into my normal daily routine. Someone asked me in a comment the other day how I manage to get so much done during the day and I'll be working on a time-management/organizational post soon! My morning started off with 20 minutes of ab work and an incredible run.

I'll probably hold off on doing longer runs like this for the next 2 weeks and focus on getting my 5k time down. I pulled the sub-30 5k last week and want to make sure I can do it again for my first race in November! After the run I made some tea and got ready for class.

Today I lectured on one of my favorite chapters - Sexuality and Gender!

The students always get very into the discussion, particularly on gender roles, and I love telling them the history of hysteria and the treatment of it.

After class I came home for lunch. I was famished and wanted something quick so I went with scrambled egg whites, toast with PB and jelly and (not pictured) my usual cinnamon covered apple slices.

I ended up feeling pretty crappy most of the afternoon - my stomach was in knots and I was extremely tired. I blame it on my sleeping being off since I'm still adjusting to my new room. Thankfully I perked up a bit for my second class that day and my students were cracking me up before class. One of them wrote this on the board since he wanted to 'share some knowledge with the teacher':

Totally random and I love it. After class I stopped by Walmart to pick up a TV Mom ordered for me to replace the one that was in the bedroom (Thank you, Mom!) I wondered how I was going to be able to carry it up the stairs but I managed - like a boss.

This is why I work out. Seriously. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes (I blocked out some of it to not offend anyone but you get the gist):

 How is everyone's week going so far? Mine is feeling a bit monotonous already - I need to spice up my routine!