Vacation Photos!


Is there such a thing as a vacation hangover? After a whirlwind five days it feels great to be back at home! Travis and I had a great time visiting his family in Dayton, Ohio. Aside from his Mom (who was able to come to the hospital in Alabama for our sons birth) it was the first time any of them had met little man. He did such a great job traveling, and adjusting to a four hour time difference. IMG_5526

We had three flights each way totaling about 10 hours of flying there and 10 hours of flying back. We brought a few new interactive board books, downloaded some episodes of Daniel Tiger to our phones, and planned to nurse him as much as possible (he often naps after nursing.) He hardly cried at all, and only got fussy a few times on our seven hour flight from Dallas to Anchorage (I probably got just as fussy as he did.)

Travis wore this sweet wolf shirt that says "Alaska" on the bottom on both days of flying. IMG_6040

We stayed with his Dad and stepmom who have a gorgeous house and lots of animals. I can see where Travis gets his love of cats from!IMG_5547

They have two large dogs and three cats. Our son hasn't been around a lot of dogs and he was pretty ambivalent toward them and seemed a little more interested in their oldest cat, Kitty.  IMG_5564

We arrived in town Wednesday at 6 p.m.. and went straight to get food. On Thursday we spent a few hours walking around the mall and Target. Our shopping is extremely limited in Fairbanks so we were looking forward to hitting up some shops that we don't have access to here (which is - everything.)

They were having a sale at Build-a-Bear so we stopped in and made two for our son. A little Lebron James bear and a Ninja Turtle. I did the heart ceremony - lots of shaking, blowing and kissing the heart. IMG_5569


That night we met up with some more family at Young's Dairy Farm. That place is so stinking cute! They have a restaurant and ice cream shop, an area to pet goats and cows, and lots of rides for kids. IMG_5670

We took the kids (our son and his cousin) on this sweet barrel ride. It was rickety and felt like it would fall apart or explode any second. IMG_5644

Travis tried to feed our son to the goats ... IMG_5613

and baby had his first taste of ice cream.


On Friday we drove to Newport, Kentucky to visit the Aquarium. The city was adorable and made me miss living near a big city! I kept telling Travis that Dayton felt like a thriving metropolis compared to Fairbanks.


I got to pet baby sharks and walk the shark bridge (lots of sharks swimming underneath.) It's so fun now that our son is almost one he's really starting to interact more with his environment and enjoy seeing new things. IMG_5799

He had so many firsts while we were in town! He had his first cookie at his Great Grandmas house. He devoured it. IMG_5838

While we were at his other Great Grandparents house he learned how to climb stairs by himself. That's one first I could have done without! We have stairs at our house that he still doesn't seem very interested in, but I think once he realizes they are there we will need to get a baby gate for the bottom of the stairs (we have one installed at the top already.)

We got lots of photos of everyone with the baby. My favorite was the four generation of guys (baby, Travis, his Dad and his Grandpa.) I pretty much love any photo of baby with his Great Grandpa. IMG_5791After two days Travis told me, "I'm so glad to be here but I don't think I could stay longer than three days." Traveling is stressful! Especially with a baby. He did pretty well with the time difference but he still woke up a few times every night. Napping was hard too since we were always on the go. Still, I don't think the trip could have gone any better.

Sitting at his Grandmas house I watched his Sister, her Daughter, his Mom and his Grandma all interact and couldn't help but feel sad that I don't get to have those experiences with my family. They see each other so often, and I'll be lucky if my son gets to see my parents once a year. I also grew up on the opposite side of the country from all of my extended family and wished I had grown up surrounded with cousins to play with and cool Aunts I could talk to about boys.

At least my parents will be here in two weeks to celebrate baby's first birthday!