Dental Drama Finale

If you need a refresher check out the story behind my bike accident in high school!

After 5 appointments:


10 hours in the torture, I mean dentist, chair {this photo is actually me post-wisdom teeth removal but you get the idea}:


My smile is finally complete!

2013-08-06 17.21.11

A HUGE thank you to Dr. Djuric and his incredible staff at Bay Dental for working with me to get the smile I've been dreaming of for 14 years now.

Work has been mucho crazy-o this week since I was out all last week so all I've been able to snap is this blurry bathroom selfie. I promise to take better pics this weekend to show them off!

2013-08-07 13.33.05

Over the last year my front tooth that had the root canal had become so discolored I was actually retouching it in most of the photos. Yep, totally hiding my dead tooth. In person you couldn't really notice it but even my Dad admitted to me on the KY trip that he went back and looked at old pictures of me and could definitely see it. It feels amazing not to be self-conscious about my smile anymore! That makes the pain, and money (tyvm care credit!) totally worth it.

Is there something your self-conscious about that you've contemplated changing?