Eating Well with a Newborn


When planning for life after baby I looked into the usual postpartum freezer meal ideas. Then I remembered I wouldn't have a freezer. I started thinking of ready made foods that I could grab quickly from the store that required zero preparation and weren't processed snack foods. I stocked up on Greek yogurts, granola bars, fresh fruit, nuts, and these amazing salad kits from Eat Smart!


Throughout my pregnancy I really struggled with zero desire to eat vegetables. I knew I should, but I just did not have the appetite for them. I was determined to eat better once little man arrived. I love making huge salads to eat for lunch or dinner and loading them with as many veggies as possible. Kind of a 'one and done' meal for the day to get my quota in. It's just hard to put a giant salad together when you've got a baby in one arm and are going on 2 hours of sleep!

I am so, so, so happy I discovered these Eat Smart salad kits. The bagged Super Food kits come with 6+ super foods along with toppings and dressings. IMG_0104

The first one I tried was this Beets & Greens salad. So much goodness crammed into one bag! Kale, beet greens, broccoli, red chard, red cabbage, golden raisins, feta and a white wine vinaigrette. It tasted just like some fancy expensive salad you'd order at a restaurant. I love how bright and vibrant the beets are!IMG_0110

I took two of the salads with me to the hospital last week, and have been having one a day since moving into my parents house. They went out grocery shopping the day after I arrived and more of these salads was the first thing on my list! This Southwest Vegetable kit was ah-mazing, as was the plant powered protein BBQ Ranch kit. IMG_0125I love that they have a whole line of salads powered solely with plant based protein sources. Most vegetarian salads you can buy in the store are ... meh. Absolutely not the case with these. Next time I see these salads in the store I'm legitimately buying at least half a dozen of my favorite blends.

Moms - how did you juggle eating well with a newborn?

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