Erica Does PDX

It feels like just yesterday that I made the extremely exciting announcement that I would be speaking at FitBloggin. I can hardly believe that tomorrow morning (at 6 a.m. tyvm) I'll be on a plane headed to Portland. Fitbloggin


I've spent the last week scrambling to get everything ready. I've got posts lined up for the next TWO weeks so things will be business as usual on the site! I submitted my final grades for the Summer class I was teaching and engaged in my pre-trip bleach & color ritual last night:

2013-06-25 19.39.42

Of course I'll be obsessively documenting every part of the trip. In the span of 4 days I'll be walking around one of my dream destinations, presenting with two other incredible bloggers on how to create a media kit, participating in my first runway fashion show and running as much as possible in the amazing mid-70's weather! If you want to keep up with me just search for #EricaDoesPDX on my twitter and instagram.

Now, for a very serious question, I'm spending the night packing and know I will forget something. Even though I've been working on my packing list for a week it never fails that I'll get to the hotel room, open up my suitcase, and suddenly remember I left something behind. Like this guy.


What is the 1 thing you always forget to pack? What should I bring on the plane? Who else will be there?