Erica goes to the Chiropractor

I survived my first Chiropractor visit. Actually, I loved it!

I went to Dr. Finger who was highly recommended by Matt's co-workers. He was praised for being conservative (as in, not treating you if it wasn't truly necessary) and thorough.  When we got to the appointment he spent the first 30 minutes getting my history and taking measurements to see if my spine was out of alignment. The first 'red flag' came when he had me stand upright, feet together, and stretch as far as I can down either side. Like this:

If you look at the photo you'll see my range of motion is decreased when I'm leaning toward the left (the pain originated in my lower left back where the X is). Based on this and the symptoms I described he believed it was an issue with my Sacroiliac Joint.

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After the initial exam came the adjustments. I was pretty nervous since I've never had them done before but I was so tired of being in constant pain I was totally okay with whatever he wanted to do. I managed to find a video of someone doing the exact adjustment he did to me. It looks way more painful than it was!

He also did an adjustment on my upper back, after commenting on the surprising amount of tension he felt there! Immediately after I didn't notice any huge differences. My hip popping did decrease but I still felt sore all over. A few hours after I got home I became ridiculously tired. I felt like I had run 10 miles that day and my body was just totally lacking any muscle tone. I also found my back popping way more than usual which felt amazing. The Doc recommended I do some of these stretches at home 2-3 times a day.

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I'll also be trying these stretches out as well:

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and significantly better.  I haven't had to take any pain medicine today! I was even able to do my beginners Ballet workout. It felt *amazing* being able to exercise again. The Doc noted I was in great health overall and made the very correct assumption that I would be one of those clients who would push to hard after treatment. I promised I would listen to my  body and take it easy! I'll be going back tomorrow for a follow up and I'm anxious to see if my range of motion has improved as well as a slight curvature in my lower spine he felt during the exam. I'll update as soon as I get back!