Everything and Nothing

That's what I feel happened this weekend. It sounds cliche but I really have two operating modes:

- All out insane crazy busy working 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. barely stopping to mindfully eat lunch and dinner


- Doesn't move from the couch all day; switching positions only to alternate from watching Netflix, to reading, to eating, and to napping.

This weekend was definitely more of the latter.

Saturday morning I was able to do most of one of my favorite workouts - Booty Barre Total New Body. I only had to modify a few moves for my bum knee and felt very upbeat that I was able to finish the hour long routine!

Later that afternoon I made up a dozen burritos.  Some to eat this week and most to freeze to have on hand for quick dinners. Using the ingredients you see in the photo I was able to make a dozen. Each burrito is about 200 calories, has 19 grams of protein and cost about $1.67. Economical and nutritious!




I ate mine topped with a bit of organic salsa and steamed some veggies to go on the side. Mucho delicioso!

Sunday morning I tried to run. Failed. I was able to walk over 3 miles at a normal pace with virtually no pain! I tried to run a few times and each time I would get no more than 10 paces in when my knee started to hurt. I would stop immediately and after a few minutes of walking would be pain free so I'd try again. Eventually I wised up and just walked the rest of the way.

2013-01-20 09.21.47

Came across this guy on my way home.

2013-01-20 08.22.14

In case you can't tell it's a raccoon!

We sat there awkwardly staring at each other for about 2 minutes before he nose-dived into the sewer.

The rest of the day was spent on the couch "recovering" (I'm learning how to indulge my sloth-like qualities while my knee receives some TLC). Unfortunately, Salem  has also been walking with a terrible limp so I'm staying home more to keep an eye on him. The counters at my new place are higher than he's used to and I suspect he hurt himself jumping down one day. The limp came on suddenly Saturday morning but he's already doing better now (Monday) as I've been waiting on him hand and foot and not letting him jump at all! It's so funny - I don't have insurance so I'll limp for weeks before I consider going to a doctor but if Salem's condition hadn't improved by the end of Saturday we'd be in the animal clinic right now. Got to take care of my baby!


I started reading one of the books I received for Christmas - Buddha's Brain. The first portion of the book dealt mostly with the neurology of the brain, something I'm pretty familiar with given the Psych courses I teach, so I'm just now getting to the 'good stuff'. I'll share my full review once I'm done!


Buddhas Brain


It did inspire me to meditate for a bit and I pulled out another new Christmas toy, my blood pressure monitor, to have some fun with it while I meditated.

2013-01-20 16.53.28

The top two numbers are Blood Pressure and the bottom is my heart rate. The first reading was taken prior to meditating and reflects my average BP and HR. The middle reading was after 10 minutes of meditation - note the lowered heart rate and increased BP. Not sure why BP went up but I'd love to see my HR get into the 40's soon! The last reading was after a few minutes of deep breathing exercises. Perhaps a bit to deep as I started to get light-headed (not surprised seeing that my BP dropped!) It's so amazing to be able to use this as a type of biofeedback to see what meditation is doing to my body as I do it.

Finally, I watched 'Hungry for Change' on Netflix. The documentary focuses on the dangers of dieting, particularly the crap chemicals in most 'diet' foods and the devastating consequences they have on your body/mind. I was already familiar with most of the information presented but it was a very well done doc and I would strongly recommend everyone who is interested in their health watch it! I've been slacking on eating organic/chemical free lately and I'm headed to our local health food store today to stock up on some essentials.


Any other good Food Docs I need to watch? Preferably one's that don't show images of animal cruelty.  I'm already a vegetarian and I can't stand to see those poor pictures!