Our Experience with Baby-Led Weaning

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ALDI through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about The Little Journey product line, all opinions are my own. I will start off by sounding totally cliché – I can’t believe my son will be one next week! The last year has been a beautiful, sleep-deprived blur.

While I was pregnant, I read everything I could on all issues relating to raising a baby. Vaccinate or not? Baby wear? Cloth diaper? Baby-led weaning?

Deciding to do baby-led weaning was one of the best decisions we made in regards to our son. It has been so much fun watching him try new foods, and he eats like a champ now! He will literally eat whatever I put on his plate. Curried lentils, pasta with roasted garlic sauce, pesto egg muffins, steak and sweet potato fries, anything with banana … the kid can put some food back.

While I try to cook from scratch as much as possible for him, that’s not always possible. Like most new moms, I’m busy. I work 20+ hours from home, I teach local boot camp and yoga classes, I work out a few days a week myself, I try to do one ‘fun’ thing with baby every day (trip to the library, picnic at the park, etc.) and I try to still have some ‘me’ time to read, play games, or just relax.

I was excited when ALDI sent me a box full of fun baby products to try out – including some healthy snack foods that are perfect to throw in his diaper bag when we are headed out for the day. The products are part of their first full line of baby products, Little Journey.



Aside from the convenience factor, I really, really like having things like the Veggie Little Munchers® around, as they are so much easier to clean up! Since baby feeds himself, it means at least half of the food ends up on the floor or in his hair. Any night we have pasta or Mexican it’s automatically a bath night.


I’m slightly embarrassed to say I ended up eating the rest of these Little Munchers® myself. They are so good! They are a baked, whole grain corn snack, easy to chew and swallow. I’d buy them just to snack on. The strawberry Yogurt Bites were just as good (and made with real fruit and yogurt with no preservatives, live and active cultures). Poor baby didn’t get more than a few of those before Travis and I got our hands on them.


While pregnant, I read that the more flavors and textures you can introduce to your child before the age of one, the better eaters they will be later on. So, I’ve tried to cover every type of ethnic cuisine possible, and usually grab one new fruit or veggie to try every week. Aside from our daily walks or picnics outside, I’d say cooking for him and watching him try new things is my favorite thing to do with him.

What was your baby’s favorite food at one year old?