Fall Fashion: Shopping for Body After Baby and a New Climate!


One of the things I was most looking forward to doing after the baby arrived (aside from cuddling him nonstop) was shopping for new clothes. I was so tired of wearing the same 3-4 maternity outfits during the last few months. Not only would I have a brand new body type to dress, but I knew I would be getting ready for our great migration to Alaska. That meant the Florida girl whose wardrobe was 90% tank tops and flip flops had to do some shopping!IMG_0398

Travis and I went out shopping together before he left for Alaska last weekend. I really just wanted to pick up some tops and sweaters, as I hope that I'll loose a bit more baby weight in my stomach/thigh area in the coming weeks and months so I'm holding off on buying a lot of jeans. I looked for pieces I could layer under a thicker jacket once we get to Alaska, and weren't too tight around the midsection. IMG_0403

I also snagged some new shoes from Famous Footwear. I wasn't exaggerating when I said all of my shoes were sandals. Or running shoes. I picked up these gray flats for everyday walking around (in Alaska I'm sure I won't be wearing these outside again until the Summer!)IMG_0405

I also snagged some super comfy riding boots. I used to wear boots all the time in the Fall and Winter but for whatever reason hadn't bought any in years. IMG_0424

I love the color and details on these Guess boots!IMG_0433


I still need to pick up some more basic winter pieces like thermal underwear, scarves, hats and gloves. I don't think I'll be going out too much in the Winter aside from doctors appointments and trips to the store. It's already snowing up there and in the 20's every night! IMG_0502

For  more style ideas check out the #ohsofamous style gallery. Get inspiration, explore what others are wearing, and see the variety that Famous Footwear offers. 

What are your go to Fall shoes?

Any tips on dressing for ridiculously cold weather?

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