Falling in Love with Life

I don't care how cheesy it sounds but I spent most of the weekend walking around on cloud 9. My cousins death has me thinking a lot more about life and how amazingly lucky I am to be where I'm at now. You know when you fall in love and the colors seem more vibrant, the air smells sweet and you just radiate happiness? That's me right now. Because I am alive. I kicked off the weekend with a very challenging 10 mile run.

2013-07-13 06.14.06

Last weekend I did 10 miles in the rain and that definitely helped keep me cool and I had a great pace. This weekend was a totally different story. Gorgeous sunrise, but it was 100% humidity and 80 degrees when I left the house at 5:45! This was also the first time I've had to stop mid-long run to use the bathroom.

I shared this description of my runon my facebook but it deserves repeating here.

Sometimes, on long runs in the heat of summer, I get a bit delirious and the craziest phrases get stuck in my head. Today it was "I ain't about that life." I said it, out loud, to:

- the dead frog with its guts spilled out in the road - the cop car who started to slow down as it drove by me - the mocking bird who tried to attack me - the drunk guy sitting outside the bathroom I desperately needed to use at the park.

That afternoon I went grocery shopping and picked up some sushi from Fresh Market. I first tried sushi almost 10 years ago and spit it out in my hand after two seconds of tasting it. I decided to give it another shot at Fitbloggin and tore UP some vegetable avocado rolls they served at the welcome reception. I picked up similar rolls and brough them home to eat while watching Saved by the Bell. I go so hard on the weekend.

2013-07-13 17.21.08-2

Apparently I went a bit to hard and had crazy bad heartburn that night and into Sunday. That is the first time in my life I've experienced heartburn and I hope it wasn't because of the sushi! Honey badger don't really give a damn if it was because I foresee myself dedicating a portion of my future grocery budget to sushi at least once a week now.

Sunday I did a barre routine for the first time in ages. I went with Xtend Barre and forgot how much it kills your lower body - in the best way possible, of course. From about 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. I worked on a super secret awesome project. I can't say what it is yet but I'll share pictures soon!

After being inside all day I went out for a 3 mile walk before I started this weeks food prep. I was in such a good mood I felt like opening up a bottle of wine for the first time in months!  I had a small glass while listening to French jazz and cooking. Life is perfect.


This week's menu:

- Lunch at work will be Roasted Buddha Bowl with Quinoa

- Hardboiled eggs with hummus for an afternoon snack

- My absolutely favorite Spinach Lentil soup. 150 calories per serving and 10 grams of protein!



It's amazing how little happened this weekend yet I can't remember the last time I've been so happy and well-rested for the week ahead. You know that feeling you get when something amazing is about to happen, but your just not sure what it is yet?

I've got it.

What are you secretly (or not-so-secretly) keeping your fingers crossed to happen soon?

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