Family Day at Fort Rucker

We had such a whirlwind day yesterday! Travis's Mom and Grandmother got in Tuesday afternoon from Ohio, and we were up bright and early on Wednesday to check out the stage field where Travis has been training. We were the first to arrive so we got to walk around the place by ourselves. They had two different Blackhawk helicopters out that we could jump into and look around. His grandma was the first to hop into the pilots seat! I love his family and am so glad they were able to drive down for his graduation week.ย FamilyDay5

Family Day

It was nice to be able to see what Travis has been talking to me about for months. During the 18 months he has been here he started off training on a 'generic' helicopter model, and then was able to select which helicopter he wanted to fly for the rest of his career. I was able to go with him to selection and that was fun to see. All the soldiers were ranked based on grades and their physical training scores. They went down the list and each solider was able to pick what they wanted, until there was nothing but blackhawks left. Famliy Day 6

Family Day2

Here I am in the back of the Blackhawk where guys would be waiting to be dropped off. He will always fly with another pilot, and two crew chiefs. Family Day1

After we were finished playing in the helicopters we headed over to Dothan for a late breakfast. We went to Cracker Barrel and I had the best buttermilk pancakes. I haven't been to that restaurant in 15-20 years- not much has changed!Family Day3

Whenย we got home I quickly wrapped Travis's graduation present that had been in my trunk. He's been eyeing this wooden Blackhawk model ever since he started flight school and I got it for him to put up in his office. Of course it's wrapped in kitty cats.ย Family Day 4Now (as I write this Wednesday afternoon), I'm about to get ready for the ball! I have no idea how late we will be out so I'll have to save ball photos for another post.

What was the last graduation ceremony you attended?