Favorite Items from my Natural Medicine Cabinet


I've made it no secret that I have a history of getting a bit overwhelmed with stress in my life. I'm fairly certain my stress levels escalated when I started graduate school in 2007 and they haven't gone down since. I don't mind some stress, and actually can thrive and work better with it, but sometimes I just have to take a step back and get some help relaxing in order to sleep better, concentrate, and get recharged.

In my early 20's I had some not-so-healthy ways of coping with stress. Now, I prefer a more natural approach. I started to incorporate essential oils into my daily routine a few years ago, became completely obsessed with tea at about the same time, and recently tried RESCUE Pastilles after using Bach's RESCUE Remedy drops for a while. IMG_8360

My favorite stress relieving essential oil is definitely Lavender. There are so many ways to use it!

  • Place a few drops into a warm bath
  • Mix a few drops with a teaspoon of almond oil or vitamin E and use it as a lotion
  • Put a few drops into a diffuser to scent your house
  • Place a drop directly in your hands and breathe in (great way to really wind down before going to sleep at night!)

A small bottle goes a VERY long way so it's a great investment.

For teas I love anything with Kava, that stuff will seriously make you feel amazing. It's pretty potent though so for something more mild I have about 6 different types of Chamomile tea. The Nighty Night tea I have pictured above has chamomile, catnip (how fitting for me) and lemon verbana so it's a great mix of calming herbs.

My most recent addition was these RESCUE pastilles I picked up in the sleep section at CVS. It's specifically formulated for relief of occasional stress and made by a doctor with all natural, homeopathic ingredients. IMG_8365

It also comes in liquid melts and pearls but I went with the one's that looked like they'd be sweet! I thought they'd be hard but they are actually kind of chewy. They taste really good (one of the inactive ingredients is black currant flavor and that's exactly what they taste like.) The effect I have after taking one is just the same as using lavender oil or having a cup of my favorite relaxing tea, but these are so easy to throw in my purse and take anywhere! IMG_8366If you are interested in trying one of the RESCUE products there is a BOGO Coupon available on their website if you sign up for their contest. I'm sure this tin will last me a while (pending no unforeseen stressful circumstances in my life) but I'm definitely going to grab some more when these run out.

What is your favorite item in your natural medicine cabinet?

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