A Festivus for the Rest of Us

First, some awesome retro Christmas pictures featuring yours truly.



Now flash forward 27 years! This Christmas Eve I spent the night at my parents house doing all the traditional activities. Mom baked homemade chocolate chip cookies (I had 8 in 2 days) and I sported my hottest Hello Kitty flannel pajamas.

2012-12-24 21.31.43

Mom also made THE BEST Gluten Free coffee cake. She made it once before and I was so looking forward to having it again.

2012-12-24 18.52.39

The house was very festive and we saw many people slowing down to check out Mom's new Leg Lamp:

2012-12-24 17.50.30

My favorite decorations may be our stockings. Mom made one for Dad when they were dating back in high school and she made one for Josh and I when we were born. Mine's looking pretty good for being 29 years old!

 2012-12-25 08.06.44

My Grandmother always sends Mom gorgeous Christmas flowers for our table setting. The men folk had gluten free lasagna and Mom and I had homemade mushroom soup and a rice casserole (Recipes coming this afternoon!)


Christmas Day I woke up and ran 6 miles in the pouring rain to work off some of those cookie calories (worth every bite, and mile!) Once I got back we dove straight into opening presents. After we finished I challenged my brother to a plank-off as our 'feat of strength' for festivus (Seinfeld reference!) I don't think Josh anticipated how hard it would be since it does look pretty easy.

2012-12-25 10.51.27


As for my goodies - I think my favorite may be the cookbook Roots and the gift card I got to Publix to stock up on everything to try out a few of the recipes. That was such a brilliant idea. If I ever need a present for a fellow foodie a cookbook + gift card is genius. I got a few other books, spice rack, fan, and a blood pressure monitor. Mom actually got me a Polar heart rate monitor before she found out I received one through Fitfluential! She sent it back to Amazon and I picked out a few new goodies that should be here next week.


The earrings are black pearls that I love and the sign of my name was handmade by an incredibly talented duo (my brother and father were lucky enough to receive personalized signs as well!)

When I got back into town I immediately took down all my Christmas decor. I'm moving in exactly one week and I put off doing a whole lot until after the Holiday to give myself some downtime. Since then I've been in over-drive cleaning, trashing things and getting everything organized as much as possible. It's actually been very cathartic getting rid of SO much junk I've accumulated. I'm so excited to move, and start the new year, and the next chapter of my life!

What was your favorite gift this year?