Final Week of Marathon Training + Your Chance to Run the Race With Me!

Workout Wrap UpNov 8This is it.

16 weeks of 4:30 a.m. wake up calls, 40+ mile weeks, accidents, numerous achilles/shin/calf/foot problems, and I'm finally here. The end of marathon training! I can't believe it's been over 4 months since I started this journey. It's been a helluva ride and I plan to do a very lengthy post next week with my thoughts on marathon training and advice to those thinking of pursuing the same incredible goal!

Due to my defective shoe induced foot pain I had to cut a few miles from this last week. Thankfully, since it's taper, they weren't critical runs. My first run in almost a week was Wednesday. I still couldn't wear my mizunos so I had to bust out my old asics and ran a clunky 3 miles in them.2013-11-06 07.02.40After work Wednesday I went in to Running Wild to have Paul (owner/training guru) try to help me figure out my shoe situation for the marathon. There was no way I was going to run it in my asics after training in mizunos for the last 4 months. We put some insoles in my mizuno to raise my foot up a bit, and he unlaced the top hole so there was less pressure on my ankle, and it seemed to work! I was able to run 6 miles yesterday with virtually no pain. Hopefully that stays the same on race day. I'm pretty nervous that the pain will flare up as I hit the higher miles and my feet start to swell. Even if it does - I'm in it to win it so I'll make it work.

I thought it was fitting that I completed my last training run in a downpour. 2013-11-07 07.23.26This week has been all about rest (mental and physical!), recovery and preparing my body. I've been drinking lots of tea to help boost my immune system and help with my inflammation. I have also been feeling a nagging chest cold coming on for about two weeks so I've been taking vitamin C and zinc daily. 2013-11-03 18.38.46

I've been channeling my inner wild child and doing tons of shots (tart cherry juice is supposed to work wonders for inflammation.)

2013-11-04 18.53.12

I've been icing. A lot.

2013-11-05 08.09.09

Even Salems like "Mom, again with the ice?!"

2013-11-04 19.00.24

Am I ready for the marathon? I think so. I've done the work. I've put in the miles. The only thing I'm nervous about is my foot pain and all those little things that can pop up out of nowhere on a long run (like emergency bathroom issues, or just having a 'off' day.) In order to help keep me motivated when I'm feeling like I want to quit and walk off the course I'm asking for your help!

Throughout my training I've been raising money for the Pensacola Humane Society. I just passed the $500 mark this week! I've been overwhelmed with the generosity this project has received and I'd love to really bring it home these last few days. So, I'm going to 'sell' my miles! For anyone who donates $10 (or more) and would like to run the marathon with me just follow these steps:

  • Donate the money on my GoFundMe page
  • Leave a comment here with what mile you'd like to claim (you can see the list of miles already claimed here)
  • Let me know what name to use (your first name, last name, or even a pet's name!)

I'll let people claim the first 25 - gotta save the last 1.2 for my family and Salem!

On race day I will either carry a list of the names with me, or I may even write them on me! I think I'm going to try to write them on me as I'm genuinely imagining needing to look down and see the names of those I'm running for when I'm at my low point in the race.

charitySo, I hope you'll consider donating to an incredible cause and running the marathon with me! Also, if you've already donated and would like to be included just leave me a comment here and I"ll be sure to bring you along for the ride. Be sure you follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram as I'll be posting updates like crazy the day of the race!

Any last minute words of wisdom?

If you ran 26.2 miles, what would you treat yourself with after?