First Marathon Group Training Run

Two very exciting things happened this weekend:(1) I went on my first group training run (2) I passed the 1,000 mile mark on RunKeeper!

2013-07-27 08.17.32

Bright and early Saturday morning I headed over to Running Wild to finally meet my coach and the rest of my pace group. We were slated to do an 8 mile run at 11:15 pace and ended up doing 8.35 at 11:05. The course we took was full of hills so I burned way more calories than I normally would on an 8 mile run (& am so okay with that!)

The run was pretty tough. I normally take a 1-2 minute walk break every 2 miles and that's not going to be the case with these runs. We had a quick break at a water station set up for us on mile 5 and a mile later I had to stop to get a rock out of my shoe, but that was it. I noticed the rock in my shoe around mile 1 but tried to ignore it. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore so I told one of the girls I had to get it out but I'd catch back up. Of course I couldn't have taken more than 60-90 seconds but the time I had my shoe back on the group was out of sight. I saw another pace group coming up behind me (whose pacer nicely stopped to ask if I was okay!) so I figured I could run with them. I started a bit ahead of that group and after making a few turns saw a woman from my group running back to me. She wasn't one of the pacers so I was surprised to see her headed toward me. When she got to me she said "I'm in the Army and we never leave anyone behind."

Lady - you just made a friend for life.

So, my legs hurt, and I pushed it as hard as I would in a race day, but that's why I signed up for this! Plus - I just love getting to know the Running Wild tribe better. It's so much fun to be in the store at 6 a.m. hours before it opens.

2013-07-27 05.38.04The rest of the morning was spent recovering on the couch. I didn't have much time to relax as I had to get 235 things done that day before Dad and I left for Kentucky on Sunday.

2013-07-27 09.28.05I made the Roasted Buddha Bowl from Oh She Glows to bring for lunch at the cabin, and baked some faux chicken strips to make a big sesame chicken veggie salad for dinner. Packing food for the week took twice as long as packing my suitcase. I haven't packed for a trip like this before. It's not quite camping, but it's definitely not a regular vacation. It's so nice to know I can wear workout clothes all week! I'm leaving most of my hair stuff behind so I'll likely be sporting pigtails all weekend (I normally blow dry & straighten my naturally curly hair and it takes forever.) I don't have that nagging 'Did I forget something?' feeling because really - who cares? I'll be in the woods and I ain't trying to impress nobody!

This is my idea of a perfect getaway.

We are driving halfway Sunday and spending the night in Chattanooga, so by the time most of you read this we will be very close to landing in Kentucky! Make sure you follow me on Twitter or facebook as I'll be posting pics of the trip there constantly.

campingI love this pic of me gearing up for a backpacking trip when I was in elementary school. I'm pretty sure that pack weighed as much as I did. We won't be backpacking this time but I'm hoping to get the equipment to do so for a week sometime this Fall/Spring!

What would you be most excited about doing (or not doing) if you were spending a week in the woods?