Fitness Friday: 1st 5k in 6 months!


Saturday: T25 Speed 2.0 + 1.5 mile walk

Sunday: rest

Monday: 2.5 mile run

Tuesday: T25 Speed 2.0

Wednesday: 5k!

Thursday: rest

Friday: Tracey Mallet FIT

I ran my first 5k without walk breaks since .... April? May? I can't remember when I really stopped running in my pregnancy but it's been a good 6-7 months since I ran that far. It certainly wasn't fast (38 minutes) but it felt so good to finish. There is a marathon here in September I've thought about doing, but just don't know if I'll have the time to train. My focus for the next few months will be getting my 5k time down via speed work 1-2x a week. There are a lot of 5k's here starting in April/May that I'd love to run. My 5k PR is 25:15 so ultimately I'd like to sub 25 minutes.

Now that the fudge is out of the house (for now, I'm making a few more batches this week for a cookie swap and Christmas dinner at a friends house) my diet was pretty healthy. A giant Greek salad for lunch, and equally massive chocolate protein shake for dinner. Breakfast is always oatmeal and Mothers Milk tea to help with my supply. In addition to those three meals I eat a lot of snacks; nuts, cheese, crackers.... Pretty much every two hours I'm eating whatever I can get my hands on.

Yesterday we went out to eat at the Cookie Jar. It was highly recommended so we were looking forward to trying it out. We heard it can be quite busy so opted to go for a late lunch around 2. Of course the moment we sat down the baby started to fuss so we alternated standing up with him and walking him around. He's quiet the moment we stand up, so I ate lunch one handed. He fell asleep right when the check came. Perfect timing, kiddo. Cookie Jar I has their "Becca" black bean burger with guacamole on top. Why have I never thought to put guac on a burger?? It was so good! The fries were perfect as well. Super crispy and nicely seasoned. We ordered a dessert to split, the Savannah, which was some rum infused angel food cake concoction and we were both underwhelmed with it. Cookie Jar Fairbanks Even though I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore Christmas decorations this year I totally did. In my defense they were 60% off at Michaels, so the two items I got were originally $25 marked down to $10, and we had an additional 15% off coupon. So, they were basically free. How could I resist this cute little Santa? Santa I also made a stop into Ulta to use the rest of the Christmas money my parents sent me. They had a great sale on Boots and Redken items and I needed some new shampoo + conditioner and face lotion. I am obsessed with the Boots micro-dermabrasion exfoliator. Since having a baby I've been spending more attention on taking care of myself and doing things that make me feel....nice. Long baths, expensive lotions, face products I wouldn't normally use. I get so little time to myself now that when I do get that time it feels extra special to spend it in a way that makes me feel better. The Boots exfoliator makes my skin feel baby soft, and I've never used a night cream before but my skin is getting so dry acclimating to Alaska weather that I wanted to try one out. So far I'm equally impressed with the lotion. No breakouts, which is pretty much the one thing I really require from a face product. I just ran out of my Burts Bees eye serum this week so I want to replace that before my 20% off coupon from Ulta expires tomorrow. Any suggestions? Preferably one that makes me look like I've slept more than three hours in a row and erases all wrinkles. That would be grrrreat. Ulta haulA new online test scoring project started this week so I'll be trying to cram in as many hours on that as possible this weekend. Travis has the next two weeks off so the timing is perfect (the job is set to end mid-January.) We are hoping to drive to Chena Hot Springs today to walk around and tour the ice museum. I'm a bit nervous about driving 2.5 hours round trip with little man, but I'm trying to get out of the house as much as possible and find fun things to do here during the winter. The lack of sunlight and inability to stay outside for long has officially gotten to me. At least the Winter Solstice is this weekend, and that marks the shortest day of the year, and every day after will gain a little bit more light each day until the Summer Solstice. When we will have 20 hours of sun and I'll complain about that.

What are you up to this weekend?

Please tell me you know of a magic eye cream.