Fitness Friday: 3 Weeks Postpartum

So technically I won't be 3 weeks postpartum until Sunday at 12:40 a.m., but close enough! This week I stuck with walking and did 10 minutes of very light upper body exercises on two days.

Saturday: 1.5 miles

Sunday: Arms/Shoulders/Back

Monday: off

Tuesday: 1.75 miles

Wednesday: 2 miles

Thursday: off

Friday: 2 miles + Upper Body Strength

My stitches are finally feeling significantly better. I actually felt like I could run and not have my internal organs fall out of me on Wednesday (I didn't actually run of course.) It's encouraging.

postpartum walk

I think I'll start introducing some basic core work next week. Maybe just a plank after my walks or standing crunches. It's hard for me to even get up out of bed now! Especially when I'm laying down with the baby on my chest. I'll try to hold him with both hands and use my abs to get up and it's just a hot mess.

We've received so many amazing packages from friends and family since the baby was born. My cousin Desiree sent these onesies she bought off of Etsy. They are so perfect!etsy onesies

This week has been pretty sad since Travis left. I'm so lucky to be staying with my parents as they help out and usually give me an hour over lunch and an hour+ at night without the baby. That's when I'll shower, clean up, do laundry, get work done, etc. Without them I'd truly be going crazy by now. Our son is such a good baby but he definitely likes to be held, constantly. Totally normal for a baby, but one of the many things I didn't realize would make working/normal life stuff so difficult to get done with a newborn. this week

I've already spilled so much food on this poor kid. This week I was eating graham crackers and for whatever reason exhaled, and blew crumbs all over his face while he was nursing. Thankfully his eyes were closed but I felt horrible! The only time I really have to sit down and eat is when he's nursing so he's constantly getting food on him. I've been killing peanut butter and chocolate chips this week. I'll put a spoonful of PB in my mouth and chase it with chocolate chips. It's heavenly.

I noticed brown stuff all over the his shoulder and thought he somehow got shit on himself all the way up there.

Nope. Just a melted chocolate chip.

He also had his first shot this week. His hepatitis vaccine that we postponed getting while in the hospital (usually newborns get it but we figured he'd been poked enough and wasn't likely to catch hepatitis in the two week period before seeing the pediatrician.)

My online test scoring job started up again this week so I've had a lot to keep me busy! We are slowly getting into a groove. He slept for 6 hours straight last night! I couldn't believe it. He's been sleeping 4 hours, waking to feed, and sleeping for another 3. We usually take a nap in the morning too before lunch, and he will sleep again from 4-7ish. I'm sure just as soon as we get into a real routine we'll be flying to Alaska to start all over again!

What are you doing this weekend? Moms - please tell me I'm not the only one who has used their newborn as a bib.