Fitness Friday: Creepy Church Zapped my Energy

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: rest

Sunday: 5 mile walk

Monday: 5 mile walk

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 3 mile walk

Friday: Booty Barre Beginners + walk

Well, I didn't have the energy to do much but walk this week and that's okay. My energy has plummeted and I'm back at first trimester levels of fatigue. My sleep has been crazy as well (I was up at 3 a.m. one night eating Annie's version of spaghetti-o's.) I'm hoping my energy picks up again next week as I miss strength training! My belly band will be arriving today so that should help let me run again.

Walking can still be a hell of a workout. I have a great 6 mile loop I love to do that has tons of hills and I try to keep a pretty quick pace so my heart rate stays around 120. I was pumped to finish 5 miles in under 90 minutes this week. It's funny the small victories I celebrate now.


On Monday I went to run errands in Ozark (teeny tiny town near post.) On the way home I stopped by this cemetery I saw off the side of the main road when I was out with Travis last weekend. It's the most bizarre location for a cemetery, and we've driven by 50 times without even seeing it before.

There couldn't have been more than 100 gravestones there and in the back I noticed an old building with a plaque in front. It turned out to be a church built in the 1850's!

Aweek2I walked around the sides to see if there were any windows I could look into and all I found was a door. I checked to see if it was unlocked and, sure enough, it was. I took one stop inside before saying out loud (to myself), "Nah ... I'm good." It was pitch black inside and all I could make out were rows of pews and a pedestal up front. Aweek1

I walked around the cemetery for a bit and saw this one grave in the far corner. It was the only one that had coins left on it. The person died almost 100 years ago so I doubt it's family visiting her grave. I concocted all these fabulous theories about how this grave must be haunted and the locals knew if they left her money she'd appear to them. Aweek3

Eats this week have been on point. I'm doing my best to eat healthy for bambino and I so breakfast is always a protein shake, snacks are nuts, cheese and yogurt and I usually have a big salad for either lunch or dinner. I will say I ate an entire box of Kraft's organic macaroni and cheese last night. No shame. I had a wicked craving for fruit on Wednesday so I made up this huge fruit bowl and cut up an orange. I intended to eat about half and save the rest but that didn't happen. AweekI also made an incredible miso split pea soup from {never}homemaker. I tried to take a photo but split pea soup isn't very photogenic. It was so delicious! It was also the second time I've used the crockpot I inherited from Mom years ago. I first tried overnight oats that burned horribly, so I was thrilled this soup turned out so well.

Travis and I are taking a mini road trip to Fort Walton this weekend to hang out with my parents and go to a Native American music festival. Dad and I have gone a few times and I love sitting outside by the water listening to the music. I'm also excited to see my parents for the first time since Christmas. Anything to get me out of podunk Alabama for a day!

What are you up to this weekend?

Favorite vegetarian crock pot recipe?