Fitness Friday: I have another marathon in 9 weeks?

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: Wedding day 5k

Sunday: Pensacola marathon

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Shake-out 5k (took me 40 minutes!)

Wednesday: 4.25 mile walk

Thursday: Xtend Barre

Friday: 3-6 mile run

Yes, you read that right. I have marathon #4 coming in just 9 short weeks! Travis and I will be traveling to the Big Easy to do the Rock-n-Roll Full marathon there on January 25th. It will be Travis's first time to the city so I'm really looking forward to it!

This week I took it very easy. My knee is still a little tight but feeling MUCH better than it was pre-marathon. The shake out run and walk really helped get me feeling back to normal within 2 days. I've also been chugging Vega recovery every morning, foam rolling every day, and just being as proactive as possible since I know Marathon 4 is right around the corner.

Originally when I signed up for these two marathons I was hoping to sub 4:30 at Pensacola, and just take it super nice and easy at NOLA since it is a training run for my first ultra (Blackwater 50k on February 21st.) Since I didn't come anywhere near that goal (I just stopped training for it) I'm tempted to try to race NOLA, but given it's a month out from a 50k I'm sure I should be conservative with my pace there and just run it for fun. I think I'll make my formal decision on how to train based on how my runs go next week.

For my 5k on Tuesday I ran over to the Veterans Memorial downtown. There were cute letters written from kids all over the place. It was very touching to see!

2014-11-11 06.56.12

2014-11-11 06.56.34On my walk Wednesday I came across four kittens in East Hill (nice neighborhood I used to live in.) I had seen them a few weeks ago sitting on the top of a trash can with their mama. Mama was NOT happy when I approached so I backed off. This time I didn't see her so I tried to get closer and they started to move away from me. A minute later mama came out toward me from behind a tree so I took off! I'm glad they have mom there to protect them but I hate thinking of them out all alone, especially now that it's getting into the 30's here.

2014-11-12 14.49.39This week I received the BEST PACKAGE EVER. Arctic Zero sent me some of their new flavors to try out! Sea Salt Caramel? Gone in two day (sorry Travis!)

2014-11-11 16.47.49-1Arctic Zero is something you either love or hate. I always tell people to not go into it expecting it to taste like 'regular' creamy ice cream. It's only 150 calories per pint people! Something that makes a huge difference for me is putting it in the microwave for about 25 seconds before eating it. That really helps it have a more ice cream consistency versus the flavored ice some people compare it to. I honestly go through 2-3 pints a week. yolo.

I was talking to Travis via text while on my walk and he said something gross so I sent this picture in response. He said, "nice face, babe." And I got to respond, "Well, you married it!" Hahahahah. You're stuck now sucka. Imma gain ALL the weight and not give a CARE anymore. Jk.

2014-11-12 15.45.21I actually did some food prep late in the week now that I can't use marathon training as an excuse to eat a 100% carb diet (or can I with nola in 9 weeks?!) I made a huge batch of my favorite cauliflower and chickpea curry, some broccoli and cheddar tots, and tamari and maple syrup tempeh. The broccoli and cheddar tots are really good with ranch. Just a suggestion.2014-11-12 17.34.39-1Travis and I have been taking a car load of boxes every time we go back to Alabama for a few weeks now. This is this weeks haul. We are hoping it will make the official moving day (over Thanksgiving) a bit easier. Salem is not impressed.2014-11-13 14.51.14Before the move I will have all of my books up there which is always the worst part of moving. I honestly have like 500-600 books. I'm also donating a ton of stuff since we are merging two houses together and we'll have duplicates of a lot of things. I love getting rid of stuff. It feels so freeing to me! I've got my second trunk load to take to Goodwill this weekend and will have an entire car load full the day before I move. Nice tax write-off as well!

How do your pets handle moving?

What's the last new recipe you tried (and loved?)