Fitness Friday: Back to Pensacola + I Love You Guys

Workout Wrap UpSunday: 20 minutes elliptical + 20 minutes upper body strength

Saturday: 6 mile hike

Monday: Booty Barre

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 4 mile run/walk (ran one, walked one x2)

Thursday: REST

Friday: 5k + My home strength routine

I'm pretty happy with how active I've been able to remain at 18 weeks pregnant. I'm basically following the same schedule I did before (2-3 days of cardio and 2-3 days of home strength) but doing everything at a lower intensity. I started following the guidelines for low heart rate training in early January so my pace has slowed to like 13:30 per mile running, but I give ZERO cares because I feel much less anxious when I'm keeping my HR so low (under 160.)

I wanted to do strength on Thursday but I had one of those 'can't move from the couch' days so I pushed it to Friday. I did a barre workout for the first time in ages. I love how they make me feel! It's such a great lengthening workout.


Tuesday I had to drive to Pensacola for work. I was so happy my good friend Christina was able to meet up with me for lunch at Evermans. It's a local health food store that I used to live next door to in downtown Pensacola. They have a great salad and hot bar, and there was one meal there that I absolutely adored. They change the meals out daily so I had a mini freak out when I saw they were serving it Tuesday; tempeh stroganoff! Oh man that stuff is amazing. I need to find a recipe online to recreate at home.

Week1We sat outside and the Blue Angels were practicing overhead. I've been kind of homesick for Pensacola lately (never thought I'd say that) so it was great to spend the day there.

I've been eating so much healthier these last few weeks. I'll go into more details on the first trimester next week but I definitely had some vegetable aversions. Now, I'm obsessed with making this gigantic Greek salad daily for lunch or dinner. I was crushing up baked Falafel to put on top but I ran out, so I cut up a vegetarian sausage this time for some added protein.


After our anatomy scan we bought our first baby items! I wanted to wait just to make sure the baby was healthy before we started purchasing things. We made a pit-stop at the baby section of Walmart when we were grocery shopping last week and saw the cutest helicopter themed outfits for boys. We didn't know gender yet, so I told Travis we'd come back after we found out if it was a boy (or a girl - I told him I really don't care if my girl wears blue or my boy wears pink and he agrees!)

Week2How cute is that stuff?! We also got some socks that say "Daddy's co-pilot." I died.

Here's the cat photo of the week:

Week3Rudy. Making Rudy faces. I always tell him he's so rude-y. He's such a bully sometimes but he's 14 and only has like 2 teeth left so I let it slide.

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments, emails, and messages on twitter and facebook this week! I'm so happy everything is all out in the open, and I'm excited to share this pregnancy with so many others who are also pregnant right now! Being pregnant has been surreal thus far. I sometimes forget I am, and then I have to baby powder my thighs because their rubbing together so much now. I'll start to have mini panic attacks when I realize there's a baby in my stomach who I will now take care of FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Then I remember how much I wanted this and how excited I am to be a Mom and meet my son. It's such a mix of emotions and pregnancy hormones. I'm loving it.

I'm not sure what we will be doing this weekend. There's a slight chance of rain, and than an 80% chance of storms every freaking day next week. It should be decent out Saturday so I'm sure we will try to get out and do something. I'm working on coming up with some DIY projects for the nursery. We won't have a nursery for a while (will explain next week when I recap the pregnancy) but I still want to have some stuff ready to go up when we move. I think we are just doing a very loose woodland animal theme. I've got a pattern for some super cute felt animals I can start working on this weekend, and I need to get a Christmas stocking ready for the new guy!

What are your weekend plans? Favorite super-filling salad?