Fitness Friday: Carb Cycling and Mini Fasts (I feel INCREDIBLE)

This week has been -- surprising. I didn't realize how much of a food rut I was in until I was forced to change things up a bit. I also knew my workouts had plateaued but I had no idea how sore I could be after a 'simple' total body workout at home! After Wednesday's workout I'm as sore as though I had just ran a half marathon. I love it.

Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Speed Training

Tuesday: Speed Training

Wednesday: Total Body Workout

Thursday: 1 hour walk

Friday: Total  Body Workout

Two days this week I ate about 60 carbs for the day. If you haven't tracked carbs before you don't realize how many carbs are in virtually everything you eat (aside from proteins, fats and some veggies.) One day I 'saved up' my carbs just to have ONE banana in my smoothie (which was 30 carbs!) Trying to stick to 50 carbs a day for two days, which I went over a bit each day, made me eat things I hadn't had in months. Like delicious scrambled eggs with some Amy's vegetarian chili and vegan cheese.Scrambled eggs with chili

I was also so, so happy when I checked and my favorite Premier Protein shakes only have 2 net carbs. Whenever I was hungry I had a delicious chocolate or strawberry shake!Low sugar premier protein

Thankfully my absolute favorite veggie, broccoli, is extremely filling and low carb so I ate a ridiculous amount of it on low carb days (with a bit of vegan mayo and nutritional yeast.)Steamed broccoli

I also had a feast day this week, where I ate close to 3,000 calories. It was amazing.  It wasn't a 'eat whatever shit you want' day, but pretty much as much healthy foods as I wanted. Lots of nuts, peanut butter, oatmeal, my favorite homemade miso split pea soup, and a huge protein smoothie with frozen fruit and spinach. I also did a mini fast where I didn't eat one day until noon, after I had walked for an hour with little man.

Since I'm still exclusively breastfeeding my son I've been fudging the numbers a little bit (more carbs on low carb day, more calories, less time fasting, etc.) but so far my supply has remained unchanged. So, next week I'll tighten things up a bit. I can't wait to take measurements and see this work pay off!

I already feel better. More energy, less anxiousness (which I believe is due to no added sugar all week) and I've been sleeping 10x better than I was before.

Even Smokey is excited for me. Smokey cat

I've been prioritizing time each night to work on personal development. Every night I do a 10-20 minute guided meditation, and I've been reading while nursing the baby versus zoning out on my phone. For the online boot camp I'm launching April 4th I want to help women reduce their stress and anxiety levels as I truly believe you cannot be in amazing physical shape, if you are not in amazing mental shape. Best anxiety self help books

The only low part to the week was picking up Salem's ashes. I didn't realize until I got back in my car at the vets office with them how real things suddenly felt. He's gone. Yet at the same time he was in a ziploc bag inside a teeny tiny box. My big fluffy Salem was a pile of ashes. It was/is so surreal. His brother was cremated as well so I knew what to expect, but sitting there it hit me that he's really not coming back.

It sucked.

I finally feel like the whole event of his deteriorating at home after his dental, his death, and now his return home can be put behind me.

The Facebook timehop app showed me this photo I took two years ago in Pensacola. It was on one of my morning runs through my old neighborhood. I can't believe I used to live there. I never appreciated it as much as I should have. In three years I'll look back on photos of Alaska and think, "I can't believe I used to live there." I'm trying to appreciate it more.Pensacola sunriseWhile it's still cold here it seems like Alaska is becoming more lively every week with things to do. Travis and I plan to go on a hike this weekend, stop by a Powwow, and maybe go to an ice festival.

What are you up to this weekend?