Fitness Friday: Cat Cuddles and Stress Induced Hibernation


Workout Wrap UpSaturday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Sunday: 5k walk

Monday: rest

Tuesday: T25 Speed

Wednesday: 3.6 mile walk (for 36 weeks!)

Thursday: rest

Friday: Prenatal Physique

Another great week of workouts! It's hard to imagine how many miles I used to run each week pre-pregnancy considering the most I do now is walk 6-10. I miss running, but a part of me wonders if I'll ever get back into it as much as I was last year. I can't picture having the time to care for a baby and run 40+ miles a week!

I'm trying to focus each workout on either walking, or lower body workouts that involve a lot of squats. Both exercises are supposed to be great for preparing for labor. I really should be walking 1-2 miles most days, but it's just so freaking hot out it's hard to get outside and get going.

My 36 week exercise bump pic:


My eating has been ... okay. I'm starting to get a little apathetic about eating healthy when I think about how I've gained almost 35 pounds already (the max recommended for a 'healthy' pregnancy) and I only have a few weeks left. I've had Late July cheese cracker sandwiches by the box for lunch more than once this week. I did eat a huge salad a few times as well so I'm still attempting to balance it out. I've also been having this incredibly easy and delicious hearty rice skillet for dinner. I'll be sharing the recipe soon!

Then, Travis will ask me if I want to go get frozen yogurt. I said 'no' the first few times ... but eventually I caved.


The big news this week is that we finally scheduled our moving dates. It has been so hard trying to juggle the logistics of this adventure. How do we get our cars there? Should the military move us (and we'd be without our stuff either here or there for weeks on end - with a newborn)? What's the safest way to get the cats there? Who ate all my chocolate?

Our original plan was for Travis to drive a UHaul to Alaska with our three cats, and let the military ship his car (they will only ship one so we were just going to sell my car to a friend locally.) Well, we went to reserve the biggest uhaul they have and the weight limit is 7400 pounds, and we have about 11,000 pounds worth of stuff (I kept all my old furniture from before we got married.) So, we had a little family meeting and came up with our final plan. Week1

Since the military will move one car for free we are going to drop my car off in Atlanta next week to be shipped. Yes it's 11 years old and only worth about 3k but we are going to put about 1k into it once we get to Alaska to winterize it. The car only has 75k miles on it (I rarely drive working from home) so we think it should last at least the first year up there.

Baby is due to arrive 9/7.

Baby and I (assuming he's on time) will move in with my parents in Florida on 9/13.

The movers will come and inventory/pack all of our stuff on 9/14. Travis will come down with the cats the next day.

Travis will leave for Alaska the last week in September.

My Dad, the baby, and I will fly up middle of October.

I will try my damnedest not to have a million panic attacks between now and then.

We are still trying to figure out what necessities he will need in Alaska that he will pack in his car. We ordered two huge pet crates that the cats will be in (his two sharing a large one) in his backseat. I still have to figure out how we will get the big stuff we will use for baby in Florida up to Alaska when we fly up there. I think I can check the car seat and stroller, so it's just whatever we decide to use for his bed.

Good times.

I snapped this photo of Smokey the other day. I tried to zoom in so you could see how awkwardly he was sitting so the quality is all grainy. He was sitting up on his hind legs just staring at me. Weird cat. Week2Then I got this photo of Rudy and Smokey cuddling together. You can see them holding paws in the center. So freaking cute.  Week4A few non-crappy quality photos of my three boys ... IMG_9572



I saw this on Instagram this week and lol'ed. I really hate Kale. Week3This weekend we will be getting my car ready to ship, and doing a trial run to see how much stuff we can fit in the car once the cat carriers arrive (hopefully today!) Now that we have an actual move date set, and it's a month away, I'm hoping my nesting instincts kick in and I can start doing some major cleaning and organizing.

I suspect I'm more likely to do some major snacking in bed and TV watching.

What are you up to this weekend?

When you get super stressed are you more likely to tackle it head on, or go into a hibernation state and try to ignore it like I currently am?