Fitness Friday: Dolphins, Co-Sleeping & Bestowed Review

Workout Wrap Up

Jan 17

Even though I've been running a bit this week my SI pain hasn't gone away completely. I should probably be keeping off of it until I'm 100% but I'm about 95% better and that's as close as I need for an excuse to get back out on the pavement!

I've been keeping my mileage low and pace slow. My right leg is actually a bit shorter than my left because of all the tightness around my SI joint so I've been doing a lot of barre workouts to help lengthen it out and correct the horrible posture I've developed from limping around. 2014-01-13 07.54.41When I stopped by the water Tuesday to take a photo I hadn't realized that there were dolphins out! You can't see them in the picture below but there were three out swimming around the seagulls. I love Florida!2014-01-14 07.58.48Random photo I took this week that I really love. The former goth in me wants to put this as the background on my phone. 2014-01-14 07.21.56Classes are going well and I'm enjoying the few hours I have between my afternoon and evening class as time to work on the blog and run errands. I ended up grabbing some groceries before my night class and tried this juice for the first time. I tweeted the photo that I was 'getting Naked in the rain before class'....I'm so funny.2014-01-13 17.06.21I really liked it! Tasted kind of like cold tomato soup with a little sweetness and spice to it. I wish they weren't so expensive as I would love to have them more often.

The other night before class I ended up eating a protein bar in my car while watching the sunset from campus. Isn't that a helluva view?2014-01-15 17.13.06We started getting into some statistics this week in class. Since this is a Psych class most of the students are pretty math-averse and I could see them starting to lose focus/interest when I started babbling about confidence intervals and ANOVAs. I'm hoping to make the class as painless as possible for them but I'm realizing that may be more difficult than I anticipated! Good thing I love a challenge. 2014-01-15 13.58.57I'm trying to be more diligent about eating gluten free (because of my thyroid disorder) and picked up these GF cookies to go with my favorite PB2. They were gone in a day. #yolo #thisiswhyIcantkeepsnakcsinthehouse2014-01-14 16.49.24I'm debating on changing up my hair again. I've had the solo pink strip for 5+ years now and am thinking of changing it to purple, or keeping it pink and adding some tiny purple highlights. I have to keep it pretty low-key for class. Thoughts? 2014-01-14 09.58.31This months bestowed  box arrived yesterday and, as usual, I love everything in it! Even though the cookies weren't GF I totally ate them first. The chips were one of the best flavored chips I've ever had, and I can't wait to use their coupons to go pick up some free Kombucha since I'm the only blogger yet to try the stuff. If you want to try Bestowed you can get your first box for $10 (including shipping!) by using code: HELLOYUM77 2014-01-16 13.13.50Last, but certainly not least, the requisite Salem photo. This is how we roll every night. I fall asleep with him by my head and wake up to him in the exact same spot in the morning. He's a great portable heater, security system, and thing I can blame the drool spots on. 2014-01-15 21.27.29-1This weekend I am STUPID excited to be going camping with that one guy I get really happy every time I think about. We've been wanting to go for weeks but the weather was not cooperating with us. Hopefully I won't freeze to death over night (the lows will be in the 40's which isn't bad but I certainly haven't spent the night out in the elements in that kind of cold.)

P.S. If your bored at work and want to make the time go by faster to hit 5 o'clock you can listen to the interview I did with PacePerMile this week!

What are you up to this weekend?

What's the coldest weather you've ever gone camping in?