Fitness Friday: Early Christmas Presents


Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 10 mile run

Sunday: REST

Monday: T25 Cardio + T25 Total Body

Tuesday: 6 mile run

Wednesday: 1 mile warm-up, 4x600 (8:00 pace), 1 mile cool down then 500 rounds of this workout.

Thursday: REST

Friday: 5k + T25

This week was all about the T25 again! I love watching the calories burned add up on my heart rate monitor. Wearing that really does motivate me to keep pushing a littler harder. If I'm close to hitting a hundred mark (like 400 or 500 calories burned) I'll do some jumping jacks, high knees, or other body weight exercises to keep my heart rate up for a few minutes and get me there. Whatever works!

Last weekend I went on my first real training run for the New Orleans marathon next month. I just did an easy 10 miler and this weekend I'm going to aim for 16. I'm still not sure how I want to run this race. My races are too close together to really race them all, but I'm tired of just running them for fun as I'd really like to start running my marathons quicker (every one I've run has been slower than the last!) Here's a picture of my creepy foggy run Saturday:

2014-12-06 07.04.39-1I've done one day of speed work a week recently and I've forgotten how terrible it can be! I did 6x400's (running 1/4 of a mile 6 times, with walk/job breaks in between) at an 8 minute pace and I was dying at the end. I'm not sure how I ever ran a 25 min 5k last year. The interval work is great for major calorie burn!  2014-12-09 11.28.00After I posted the adorable photos of Salem and Rudy cuddling they've been doing nothing but fighting this week. Even though I know they aren't hurting each other, whenever I hear them crying and hissing I can't help but jump up and try to break them apart (they always stop before I get over there.) It's making it hard to stay focused working from home. I also miss how much Salem used to cuddle with me. He would spend all day in my lap as I worked and cuddle with me every night, but now he sleeps alone or runs around the house with Rudy. I'm sure he loves having a buddy to play/fight with but I miss my cuddle monster! I was very happy he wanted to help me work for a while this week.   2014-12-08 16.15.40He also wanted to help me with the laundry. He's such a good housewife.  2014-12-09 15.36.10Travis has been harassing me for weeks already about opening our Christmas presents early. He doesn't really try to get me to give him any of his, but almost every day he asks me if I want one of mine. I always say no, but he already kind of slipped once and said something giving this gift away so I let him give it to me early. When we made our Christmas wishlists out I put 'any Winter candle from Bath & Body Works" and he delivered! I am obsessed with the smell of this one. It's sweet and sultry (absolutely what you'd imagine a sweet marshmallow roasting by a fireside to smell like.)  2014-12-09 11.56.26In comparison to our usually tame weekends we have a lot on the agenda for this weekend. I'm doing my long run Saturday morning while Travis works a bit, he's got a friend hosting a cookout that night, and Sunday we are driving to Tallahassee to do some shopping and visit Whole Foods for a sponsored post I'll be putting up soon. How much pity do you have for me that the nearest Whole Foods is 2 hours away? It's not like I could afford to shop there usually but I love just walking around the store, or getting lunch from their salad bar.

What are you up to this weekend? Where do you go to buy your 'health food' stuff? Do you open any presents before Christmas?