Fitness Friday: Family 5k + My Boot Camp Clients are Killing It!


You want to know what true love is? It's when you are fasting until noon but your husband wakes up and asks you to make pancakes and you concoct this monstrosity of carbs. You can see the deliciousness steaming off the top.FullSizeRender (1)

I am wrapping up my 6 week carb cycle and am so, so, so excited to do a bit of indulging this weekend! I've been 99% GF and dairy free for six weeks so I'll be enjoying the hell out of some pizza and chocolate on Sunday. Then, I'll be getting right back into carb cycling with the women in my online boot camp.

It's only been a few days for them but I'm already blown away by how positive and motivated they all are! A few of my favorite quotes from this week:

“The day you start craving broccoli is always a good day. “

Oh my goodness, I dove FACE FIRST into a bowl of granola this morning and I just ate an apple moaning with happiness the whole time.

See, what happens when you start eating real food all the time is that your body begins to actually crave it. Naturally sweet foods taste 100x better. I'm certainly not going to go the rest of my life without enjoying some of my favorite foods (like pizza and chocolate) but I'm going to go back to an 80/20 balance after being more .... 60/40 the last few months since having a baby.

I've been killing this chickpea salad from Oh She Glows all week. I can't stop making it for lunch.


I made two batches of her Glo Bars this past week. I had to run to the store on Tuesday to get some more almond butter and I tried the kind you grind there yourself.




My nasty ass was eating it out of the tub using my finger on the way home (don't worry I sanitized my hands first.) The almond butter was still warm from being ground! I couldn't resist. IMG_8876

Little man seemed to finally get the hang of eating this week. The last two weeks it's been mostly playing with his food and sucking on things. Now he really chews and swallows at least 50% of what I give him which is a huge improvement. It's fun to eat lunch with him every day, and think of new foods to offer him. This was his lunch yesterday. I feed him meals about this size 1-2 times a day and am still nursing about 7-8 times in a 24 hour period. FullSizeRender (5)

Last night we went to a local brewery to join in on their weekly running group. We ran a 5k and hung out for a bit after. I feel like I have total crazy eyes in this photo. I blame it on running in windy 40-something degree weather.


The real reason why Travis ran.


Jk. He really has been training hard for his first ultra this year. He brought his CamelBak because he planned to run home to get some more training miles in after the 5k, but decided to come home and drink beer instead. Priorities.

This weekend I'm going to try to get a ton of work done on Saturday so I can take the entire day off on Sunday. I have another grading project starting soon which always increases my stress levels a bit since that adds 3-4 hours of work onto my already busy day, so I really want to relax while I have the chance. My parents will be here in about 3 weeks to visit so I might start sprucing up the guest room for them and working on a list of things I'd like to show they around town. I just realized that by 'relaxing' I really meant cleaning and organizing. I'm so lame.

What are you up to this weekend?