Fitness Friday: Family Fitness + an AMAZING Race Giveaway!


It's FEAST day! Oh, how I love thee. On feast days I eat close to 3,000 calories and do a killer total body workout (my favorite kind.) I cannot preach the amazing results of carb cycling enough and I'm so excited to utilize it in my online boot camp starting next Monday. In addition to my workouts I've been trying to get outside for a walk as much as possible. It's been close to 40 degrees here, so the weather is perfect. Little man loves the fresh air and pushing the stroller around in snow for an hour is great for the abs! IMG_8155

While on the phone with my Mom this past week I made a comment about how surreal it is that I actually live in Alaska. Alaska just sounds so far away (and it is!) Since we live in the interior of Alaska, away from the major mountains, it just feels like a regular small town covered in snow. Travis and I are so excited for all the adventures we are planning to go on once the ice breaks. IMG_8244

This week we've had two feast days and I definitely ate an entire bag of these in one sitting on Tuesday. I'm still not certain what I'll go for today; maybe nachos. Probably nachos. IMG_8187

My parents sent us a cute Easter box with a lot of stuff for the baby and gifts for Travis and I as well. She sent me the Oh She Glows cookbook. As she mentions in the note below she bought herself a copy after flipping through the one she bought for me and seeing how great her recipes looked.

I should have suspected something was up when Mom texted me earlier in the week where she could find chia seeds and hemp hearts, and then a few days later that she was eating Overnight Oats for breakfast! She's made a few of her recipes so far and every one has been a winner. I can't wait to try some out next week!FullSizeRender (5)

Rudy cat got to visit the vet on Tuesday. When we had blood work done on him in December he was borderline high for having mild kidney failure and thyroid disease. We had blood drawn on him again to see if things have progressed any further to see if we should start medicating him. I certainly don't need any more kitty drama after all we just went through with Salem. We should get a call from the vet either today or Monday with the results. IMG_8215

So, now for the giveaway. ASICS reached out to me to see if I wanted to come to California and run in their Vine Body and Soul half marathon. I'm just not ready to leave little man for a weekend yet but I get to pass along the chance to one of you! The race will take place in Napa Valley the weekend of May 13th. I have one free registration to give away and the registration includes:

  • A pair of ASICS shoes
  • Yoga in the vineyards
  • Short sleeve tech shirt
  • Finisher medal
  • Finish Line Festival with live music, wine tasting and a commemorative wine glass

Have I mentioned yet how bummed I am that I'm not going to make it? I can't wait to hear about it from one of you though! If you'd like to attend just comment below that you'd like to run it and I'll announce the winner next Friday!

WINNER SELECTED: Just Another Mother Runner. Congrats!