Fitness Friday: Family Photos Sneak Peek

Saturday: 2 mile run

Sunday: rest

Monday: Upper body strength

Tuesday: interval training 3 miles total

Wednesday: rest

Thursdsy: 5k

Fridsu: Lower body + abs

I can't believe I didn't do a single workout DVD this week! I've been doing some workouts from Jamie Easons live fit trainer. It's a free workout program on her website and has some great strength workouts. My muscles have been sore this week, and I haven't been sore in ages.

Nutrition this week was pretty good. My only goal is to get 100 grams of protein a day and drink a shit-ton of water. I ate a lot of miso split pea soup this week. The soup itself is delicious but I swear I just use soup as a vehicle for crackers. I must use a cup of oyster crackers for every bowls of soup I have.

Last weekend we had our family photos taken! We didn't get maternity or newborn photos done so we wanted to get some while babe was still tiny. On the drive to the studio we had the most amazing views!

Sun over Fairbanks

The photographer, Stephanie Karr, gave us one preview photo and the rest should be in next week. I can't wait to see the ones of our son! Stephanie Karr Studios

After the photos we were starving so decided to check out a new (to us) restaurant, The Bakery. It's a small diner that's always packed so we figured it would be pretty good. I was a little nervous about how the baby would be but I always go into a restaurant with the plan that I'll just take my food to go and eat it in the car while nursing him if need be.

Travis ended up holding him while he ate and we were both able to enjoy our food. I had them sub a pancake for the toast that my meal came with and was surprised when they came out with this gigantic beast. I told Travis there was no way I could eat all of it.

I finished it in 5 minutes. The Bakery

Before the baby was born Travis found this adorable monkey onesie on Amazon. It was a size 6-12 month so I didn't think he'd fit into it yet but I came across it the other day and decided to wash it so it would be ready when he could fit. Well, of course it shrunk a bit and now will maybe fit him another month. Still, it is THE softest outfit he's ever put on and made from organic cotton and soy. Part of the proceeds went to the Jane Goodall foundation so if you have a baby or want to gift someone check out Babysoy.

My other favorite baby related item from the week is this book Toot. I have the humor of a 5th grader still. Toot

I've hopped on periscope a few times this week to show off random craft hauls and talk about Alaska and blogging. I love interacting with people there so be sure to follow me to catch my videos! planner haulThis weekend we may go to a hockey game but Travis came down with a nasty cold this week so I'm not sure if we will make it. I'm meeting up with a friend and her kids at a museum today so that will be fun.

I'm going to look for some new recipes to try out as I've got a baking bug. A friend mailed me a loaf of banana bread this week and I've been daydreaming about baking muffins ever since. I also want to curl up and watch a movie. A whole movie; start to finish. That hasn't happened in a few months!

What are your plans this weekend?