Fitness Friday: Getting back to normal life

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 3 mile run + PiYo/Insanity

Sunday: 5k

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 5 mile run (10:45 pace)

Wednesday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T.

Thursday: 5 mile run (4x800's, overall 9:45 pace)

Friday: Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength

Well, despite the presence of shingle marks on my ass still I'm pretty much feeling back to normal! Last week was such a blur going out of town for a few days for Fitbloggin. Anytime I go out of town, no matter how much work I do before I leave, I always feel like it takes me forever to catch-up. I've done a LOT of sleeping this week, hydrating, and general TLC. My legs were pretty tired thanks to the shingles, driving for 14 hours round trip, and working out while in Savannah. I was hobbling around the house when I got home Sunday night but I had a great run yesterday.

2014-07-03 07.04.17Training for marathon #3 starts in three weeks so I'm trying to take it easy until then. I want to go into it with fresh legs and this week is a great start! I'm also trying to keep my nutrition on point. I usually eat pretty clean but while I was in Savannah I overdosed on sugar a bit (and enjoyed every single calorie.) I've been loading up on veggies & protein this week, and tried my first shakeology thanks to Katrina. 2014-07-02 13.57.30 Totally honest - the after taste was a little bitter, but I LOVED the texture and how filling it was for only 130 calories (well, I put mine in the blender with 1 cup of almond milk and some ice cubes so it was 160 calories.) I could never use it as a meal replacement (I always want to eat all the foods) but it gave me a nice energy boost when I had it mid-afternoon.

I actually scored quite a few fun treats this week. Zola sent me this fun package with a few of their coconut waters to try out. 2014-07-02 14.19.34The first time I had coconut water I was pretty 'meh' about it, but now I legitimately crave them. Especially when it's 100 degrees outside and I just ran for an hour. My body is smart. It knows what it needs!

I also got these from Food Should Taste Good. I was actually in the store a few days ago and saw them on an end cap and almost picked one up to try. I've only opened up the Sea Salt so far, and it's already almost gone so I'm sure I will love the others! I'm a fan of rice crackers though. They have a unique flavor to them but I love it. 2014-07-03 15.24.38Since the super awesome boyfriend food prepped for me this week I haven't done a lot of cooking. I did run to the store to re-make this napa cabbage salad he made. I'm OBSESSED with it. Like, I ate two servings for lunch yesterday and I felt like I might explode with all the raw cabbage in me. #Overshare? When I made it I cut the mayo in half and subbed greek yogurt for the rest, and used half the almonds. I also added some baked tempeh for protein. 2014-07-03 12.46.28Salem has been all up on me this week. Whenever I leave town he's extra needy when I get back. I don't mind. He's pretty cute.2014-07-03 12.55.09Although I was working the other day and felt someone staring at me. I looked down and saw this. This is the exact face he has before he attacks me (and he did end up scratching me a few minutes later.)

2014-07-02 20.33.32-2I still love him though. 2014-07-02 14.53.42I have so much to look forward to this weekend! BBQ and fireworks today, long run and maybe kayaking Saturday, and hoping to hike/food prep Sunday. perfect weekend.

I hope you my American readers have a fun and safe 4th of July!

What are your plans this weekend?