Fitness Friday: Good eats + nesting instincts

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: REST

Sunday: 5k

Monday: my Total Body Strength Home Workout

Tuesday: Crazy 400m interval workout

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 15 min walk + 1.5 mile run + 15 min elliptical + 15 min walk

Friday: Prenatal Physique DVD

I'm still riding the second trimester high! I've only got a few weeks left before the supposedly terrible third trimester comes so I'm trying my best to be as active as possible now. I took Saturday off since I flew home from Rhode Island that day, but ran my first 5k in weeks (maybe months) on the treadmill Sunday. It took me 44 minutes - but I did it. On Tuesday I came up with this interval workout to do at the track. It was intense. After the 2nd round a woman ran by me and said, "You're a badass!" That definitely kept me motivated the rest of the workout! I'll share it with you all next week as I want to tweak it a bit and try it one more time.

On Thursday I went back to the gym to do some random cardio. I started to get some round ligament pain as I ran so I cut it short. I'm trying to stay active but I'm definitely listening to my body when I need to slow down or take a day off. I can't wait to go to my next prenatal appointment next Monday as I feel baby is still measuring ahead. I certainly am.

BWeek1Despite Travis's best attempts to sabotage my healthy eating I've managed to get a decent amount of veggies in this week (the hardest food group for me to get enough of since I've been pregnant.) For lunch I've been having a giant bowl of this spinach lentil soup.

Spinach Lentil SoupIt's 150 calories per 1.5 cups, and has 10 grams of protein. Paired with crackers it keeps me full for hours. Plus, it's pretty cheap to make (maybe $7 for 4-5 bowls and that's buying mostly organic ingredients from Publix.)

Dinner has been loaded sweet potato fries!

SP FriesTravis brought home 4 doughnuts from work on Tuesday. I had zero. Well, I had a few bites of one but that was it! He also brought home a pint of ice cream one night and I had two GIANT spoonfuls and he ate the rest. I've had a few weeks of pretty high sugar consumption so I'm working hard on keeping that in check!

BWeek2Finally, I'm blaming nesting instincts on my random Target splurge this week. Actually, Travis broke his phone (that has had a cracked screen for almost a year) and had to get it replaced so he upgraded to the iPhone 6+, so I felt I got to upgrade our living room, kitchen and dining room decor. I haven't purchased anything for the house in ages. Just a few throw pillows, new place mats and kitchen towels.

BweekOh, and a bright pink purse! I did have shoes in there as well but put them back at the end as I just couldn't justify spending that much money at Target. Plus, I have a habit of continually buying cheap sandals that hurt my feet and back. I need to just buy one high quality pair and quit wasting money on cute, but painful, sandals.

I put in 40 hours grading online tests this week. The project only lasts 3 more weeks so I'm really trying to cram as many hours in as possible. You can work 7 days a week, which I have been doing, but I worked enough to actually have today off. I don't even know what I'll do with myself. Probably work on blog stuff, clean the house, and catch up on the stack of baby books I wanted to read before the kid is here (I'm 90% certain I won't get to them all but good intentions count, right?)

This weekend Travis wants to go on a long bike ride, so we are looking for a place to go to for that. I'll just walk/hike while he's doing that, and bring a book and lots of snacks to keep busy. The neighborhood pool opens up this weekend so I think we'll do that one day and come home and have a BBQ. At first it felt like this pregnancy was taking for-eve-er, but now that I 'only' have 15 weeks left I'm starting to realize how much I'll miss all this quiet time to myself after the baby comes.

Favorite 'high end' sandal? Something cute, but supportive for my old lady feet.

Last time you added some new decor to your house?