Fitness Friday: Heatwave in Alaska + Northern Lights

Saturday: rest

Sunday: T25 Rip't Circuit

Monday: 5k

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 5k walk

Thursday: Butt + Abs workout

Friday: Speedwork + Arms

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had fun celebrating. I'll get into my wild night in a moment.

My workouts for the week were pretty good. I'm getting in the mood to do harder strength workouts, but don't have easy access to a gym. I've got a decent home gym set up, with 8 to 25 pound weights. If anyone has some good home workouts they like let me know! I'm bored with my usual workout DVD's so Thursday I just winged a workout; lots of weighted squats, lunges, etc. I definitely felt it going up the stairs that afternoon!

I've successfully abstained from sugary treats more days than not this week, so I'm considering that a huge success. I did a bit of food prep yesterday (late to the game this week) and made a huge batch of brown rice and some hard boiled eggs. Travis has been off for three weeks so I've had more time to prepare meals midweek. He goes back to work Monday so I need to get back to doing food prep on the weekend.

One of the highlights of my week was taking an hour long walk by myself. I love my son to death, but sometimes mama just needs some alone time. I can still count on one hand the number of times I've been away from him (and never more than two hours.) We had unseasonably high temperatures this week so I took advantage of the weather and went out for a walk. I felt so refreshed when I came home. The fresh air, and time to clear my head, just made me feel like ... me again. I can't wait for the weather to warm up enough that I can take little man out on walks every day. RiverThe northern lights have been in full force this week, and Travis has become a bit obsessed with getting photos of them. They are actually really, really hard to photograph. After a few weeks he's gotten much better at it, and captured some amazing images this week! lights1We went downtown on Tuesday and came across the most amazing little shop that I plan to go back to today or tomorrow as we didn't have much time to browse. It was filled with artisan chocolates, handcrafted jewelry and home goods, unique books and journals, and an area devoted to kids toys and books. I loved how they coordinated stuffed animals to go with the books they had on display!If only So, we were planning on going to see the big fireworks display in town but little man has his very first cold. He's been coughing and sneezing a bit for the last three days so we decided to stay in with him. I called his pediatricians office and the nurse reassured me his symptoms were very mild and to not worry unless his temp hit 100.4, or he started weezing or coughing with a barking sound. I went to the store to find a humidifier but the only one they had in stock and horrible reviews, so I just sat in the bathroom with the hot shower running for 10 minutes. He loved it! He's been acting normal despite the sniffles, so I'm glad he's not feeling too crummy. Sick babyHe slept twelve hours only waking up once to eat early in the week. Then, on Wednesday night, woke up every 90 minutes. I know many babies go through a four month sleep regression so I'm thinking that, in combination with his cold, is what caused it. One of the most difficult things I've found in adjusting to life as a parent is the inability to plan, or predict, anything. I'm getting into a nice rhythm with him now, and have learned how to prioritize and get stuff done while wearing him and during the coveted few hours I have at night when Travis gets home from work!

This weekend we are hoping to check out some more shops downtown if babe is feeling better, and try out another restaurant. I have a lot of big ideas for the blog this year, and new weekly posts I'd like to do, so I hope to have some time to work this weekend as well.

What are you doing this weekend? If you have any home workouts that are heavy on strength, or tips for treating a baby cold, let me know!