Fitness Friday: I don't have a witty title edition

Workout Wrap Up

March 14

Workouts this week have been much better than last week now that I'm officially over that whole flu-like virus thing. Marathon #2 is about 6 weeks away and after a great 18 miler last weekend I'm feeling pretty prepared for it. I was chatting with a girl I trained for #1 with yesterday about how insane our training cycle was. We were running 5x a week and anywhere from 40-50 miles a week. Our weekday runs ranged anywhere from 6-10 miles! This was also when I was working full-time at the hospital, teaching 2 night classes, and working on the blog. No wonder my body said "eff you" and stopped producing estrogen.

She asked me what my thoughts were on marathon training with running only 3-4x a week and so far I'm loving it. I still end up running 4-5x a week but my only 'real' scheduled run days are Tues, Thurs and Sat. I often end up running 5ks on Mondays and Fridays just because it's gorgeous out and I feel like being outside. I'm interested to see how I feel about training at a reduced weekly mileage post-Marathon. Being able to keep up with strength training has been a huge bonus as well.

2014-03-11 11.25.52Don't ask me how I pulled that pace on my Thursday run. I have no idea what got into me. My everyday pace is about 10:30, marathon pace is 10:15 and Thursdays I aim to do tempo runs with a few miles around 9:15. Maybe all the extra rest from Spring Break gave me more energy? Whatever it was I want more of it. I just started running two years ago and I can still vividly remember being excited about 11 minute miles.

The weather here has been perfect all week! Temps dropped a bit Thursday (into the 40's which I know is 'high' for most of y'all still.) I'm trying to enjoy the last bit of cool weather before summer hits and my face melts. I realized I didn't go to the beach a single time last year so I'm hoping to change that this Summer. I feel like I don't have a very 'beachy' personality but when the time comes that I move away from this area I'm sure I'll regret not taking advantage of being so close to the water more often.

2014-03-13 08.21.31

2014-03-13 09.37.17

Last night I met up with a friend at Sluggos downtown. It's a fantastic vegetarian restaurant and she and I have been talking about going there so I can try their vegan nachos for weeks. They didn't disappoint! Photo credit goes to her since my stupid iPhone camera won't focus ever since I did the latest software update (anyone else having this problem?) 2014-03-13 19.41.57I'm using my long run on Saturday as an excuse to carb up. I totally killed some zucchini cakes after those nachos. I think that eating a carb-centric lunch on Friday last week may have been part of the reason why I felt great for the entire 18 miles. My body just felt like it was fueled right. So, I'm going to try to start doing the same and having carb heavy meals Thurs afternoon/night and Friday. Let's be real  - it's all just an excuse to eat more chips and popcorn.

We had a special guest at dinner - her puppy Toby joined us for his first dinner out! He was quite the well behaved little gentlemen. TobyWeekend plans: lazy girls night in tonight with sushi and a movie (how perfect does that sound?) 20 miles Saturday morning and hopefully getting to the metaphysical conference after. I went to it years ago and had an absolute field day. With presentations on things like "positive encounters with extraterrestrial beings" to "you are becoming a galactic human" you know that the people going to this conference will be fantastical. I remember one of the speakers there when I went spoke 20+ languages, including some bizarre ass alien language no one had ever heard of but him. Another lady talked about how she was regularly abducted from her home at night by aliens. How could this not be the best time ever?!

Oh, I almost forgot I took the most amazing video of Salem yesterday. I found him in the bathtub and was threatening to beat him for chewing holes in my shower curtain when the shower curtain rod fell on my head. #karma

What will you be doing this weekend?

Do you believe in UFO's?