Fitness Friday: I HATE iPHONES edition

Workout Wrap UpMarch 27This weeks fitness was a bust on so many levels. First, I was sick all week. Second, the screen on my week old iPhone cracked so I wasn't able to take any of my usual 'Hey everyone, come and see how good I workout!' pics. I was still able to workout most days, but my mileage was about 1/3 what it should have been.

First up - the sickness. About 3 weeks ago I went to the clinic with complaints of extreme nausea and body aches. They figured I was just worn out and a few days of R&R would fix me back up again. Seemed to work for a bit but about a week ago I developed a cough and slight fever. Again, they told me it was nothing that warranted antibiotics so Saturday when I was in they said just to take it easy and let them know if it got any worse.

Well, it did. I call them on Monday afternoon after waking up hardly being able to breathe I was so stuffy and sneezing constantly. They called in some antibiotics for me so before my night class I was able to swing by and grab them with some extra Vitamin C.

2014-03-24 16.41.50I'm totally in the camp of 'if you don't really need antibiotics don't take them.' I definitely feel like this 3 week on/off sickness thing warranted them. They can wreak havoc on the delicate balance of gut bacteria you have so even though I take a daily probiotic already I upped my good bacteria intake by adding some yogurt to my breakfast every day. 2014-03-25 15.18.53I also added in an orange as well and after rarely buying them I was shocked at how expensive they are! At Evermans they were $2 a piece and at Publix they were $1 each (and considerably less tasty.) If I were to permanently add an orange to my breakfast menu between that and my usual 2-a-day apple habit I'd be spending almost $90 a month. So, that's not going to happen and this is one of those unfortunate instances that perpetuates the belief that it costs a lot of $$ to eat healthy.

Adding yogurt and an orange to my usual breakfast of a bowl of chocolate egg white oats has been interesting. It puts my morning intake at about 500 calories and I'm staying full much longer than when I usually have just oats and a snack of about 200 calories around 9-10 a.m. I've been trying to get out of grazing all day and I'm loving these 'huge' breakfasts. 2014-03-25 07.10.22

The other totally shitasticular thing that went on this week was MORE iPhone drama. Here's a bit of back story:

- Had a 4s I was totally happy with

- Upgrade it 2 weeks ago to the newest software (7.1)

- Camera stopped working. I need camera.

- Apple says 'Your phone is to old you need to get a new one that's compatible.'

- SCREW YOU APPLE. I buy a new 5s that adds $25 more a month to my cell phone bill

- 1 week later, as I'm waiting for the case for it to come in the mail, I drop it on my way into class and it shatters. 2014-03-26 14.40.05

SERIOUSLY!? So, I could either send it in and get a new one through the insurance I have with AT&T which would cost me $200 and I'd lose my insurance for a year (because I had to get a replacement 4s less than 12 months ago when the battery on mine just stopped working) or I could try to get the screen fixed locally. I asked a friend if he knew of any place legit and he recommended Tech Handy Man. So I go, the guy is totally nice and awesome to work with, and 30 minutes later I have a new screen. $182. I get out to my car and it doesn't work quite right. I had to get to class so I came back after and he replaced it again. Seemed to be working fine but now I've noticed that my 't' and space bar keys don't work so I'm going to have to take it in again. I'm grateful that they are willing to keep fixing it but I'm SO OVER phone issues.

Of course, the very next day after this happens, I get this in from Lunatik2014-03-27 11.23.27

They contacted me a few months ago to see if I'd be interested in trying out any of their cases. At the time I was perfectly happy with mine so I said no, but after I got the 5s I knew I wanted something uber awesome to protect it. They were total iphone angels and sent me out a few to try. I've got the middle case on it now and I'll try out the other two and write a review soon on them.

In much better news; Salem has a crush on my friend Christina so he put this together for her.

2014-03-24 16.16.43

She said yes :)

This is how he got ready for his date.2014-03-25 15.25.10

 Keep your fingers crossed for me that it doesn't rain this weekend. I'm still battling a bit of a cough and I have an incredible half marathon on the agenda for Saturday. The Blue Angels Rock N Fly looks like it is going to be a blast and I had high hopes of setting  a new PR while there but I'm not sure if that's possible with how I've been feeling. Either way it would be fun to not run in the rain for 2 hours so I hope the weather holds out!

What are you doing this weekend? Have you ever cracked the screen on your phone?