Fitness Friday: I walked 15 miles this week and Travis made it to Alaska!

As of Sunday I will be four weeks postpartum and I'm 99% pain free! I haven't had to take any medicine in over a week, and felt good enough to go on my first (very, very slow) run in almost 5 months.

Saturday: 3.1 mile walk

Sunday: 3.1 mile walk

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 3.1 mile walk with 4 1/4 mile interval runs

Wednesday: 10 minute of upper body strength + 2 mile walk

Thursday: 3.1 mile walk

Friday: maybe a modified T25 workout?

Last week when I went out on my walks I thought I felt good enough to try and run. I wanted to give it another week before attempting it. It.felt.amazing. Even at my little 13 minute pace it was incredible. My quads were sore the next day! How sad is that. It's almost exciting to me thought because it's like I'm starting from scratch. Which means every time I hit a new distance it will be like the first time again.

Of course I ran with melted chocolate on my pants. Chocolate run

Saw these awesome ducks just chilling in someones yard while I was on one of my walks. The duck on the left has a badass little mohawk. Ducks

I'm finally starting to reign in on eating ALL THE FOODS. I was seriously consuming 1000 calories a day in just peanut butter and chocolate. Every day this week I've had oatmeal for breakfast (supposed to be great for breastmilk supply), a salad for lunch, and whatever Mom's cooking for dinner. Plus a few snacks along the way; greek yogurt, pretzels and cottage cheese, apple slices with cinnamon, and my nightly bag of popcorn.

Mom will usually watch the baby for a few hours at night. He just sleeps on her the whole time, and it gives me a chance to take a long bath, work, and curl up to some popcorn and watch TV in bed. It feels so luxurious to sprawl out in bed all by myself!

Things with the baby are going very well. Little man has been sleeping in his bed (a rock n play next to my bed) from 11/12 p.m. to 5 a.m. every night, then he'll feed and go back to sleep for 1-3 hours. Despite getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night I'm still exhausted in the morning. I know I'm not sleeping very soundly as I'm constantly waking up to look over and make sure he's okay. I'll usually nap while he does at least once during the day.

Speaking of his Dad, Travis made it to Alaska! I shipped him a care box to arrive just after he did. I packed all his favorite snacks and a few new treats I thought he'd like. The picture of us is in one of those cheap plastic magnet frames. I didn't want to ship anything with glass to AK.

Care package

Overall he had a great trip (4500 miles in 9 days with three cats) but of course he ended up getting a flat tire 300 miles from our new home! He put his spare on and limped into town at 40 miles an hour. I cannot imagine this happening when being SO CLOSE to the end of this stressful trip. He handled it well but the cats howled most of the time and he drove 8-14 hours a day. Alaska1

He's taking tons of photos and videos of Fairbanks and our new house and I'm so excited to get up there! Only 15 more days! AlaskaThis weekend I'm hoping to go on another run/walk, and take baby out for the first time. Travis and I did take him into a grocery store for about 10 minutes after one of his doctors appointments, but that was it. I'm going a bit stir crazy and I hate leaving him at home so I think I'll try to wear him in one of my wraps/carriers and go to Target this weekend, or walk around the mall. Baby steps!

What are your weekend plans?