Fitness Friday: Is it okay to wear a bikini when pregnant?

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 7 mile walk/hike

Sunday: 5 mile walk

Monday: REST

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: Prenatal Physique DVD {Seriously amazing prenatal workout! Burns 300+ calories every time}

Thursday: 20 minute walk + 2 mile incline treadmill workout + 20 minute elliptical

Friday: Ruck walk if weather is good

I think I overdid it this past weekend. The 12 miles of walking definitely caught up to me so I took two days off as I just wasn't feeling it. I almost skipped working out Wednesday too but knew it was only because I was feeling lazy, not that I needed another rest day. I finally made myself workout at 4 p.m. and, of course, I felt amazing after.

On Thursday I walked down to the gym to get some cardio in. I'm still sticking to a lose schedule of cardio on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday, and strength training at least 2x a week on other days. I was really hoping for a run, but about a quarter mile into running on the treadmill I started to get some round ligament pain so I stopped and walked the rest of the 2 miles on an incline. Round ligament pain is basically sharp pain pregnant women can start getting in the second trimester as the ligaments that support their uterus start to expand. Fun! It's kind of like a side stitch, but in your low belly.

Despite the pain I managed to get a gratuitous gym photo. This is my 'I can't believe I have 14 more weeks to grow' face.


As of last weekend the pools on post are officially open so we've been going as much as possible. Of course the weather has been awful so we walked down to the pools on Monday, only to find out they were closing early due to Thunder. On Tuesday we headed down and were there for 10 minutes before they had to close because of the weather. On our way out I had Travis snap a photo of me for my unofficial 25 week bump shot (I don't take one weekly. I keep forgetting and wonder if I'll regret it later! I doubt it.)

It's funny what being pregnant does to your self-esteem. I know a lot of women struggle with body image issues as they put on weight in pregnancy. I'm honestly loving the way I look. I think I feel more comfortable in a bathing suit now then I did pre-pregnancy. Any 'issues' that I had with my body can be blamed on the fact there is a growing person inside of me. I've put on about 20 pounds so far and I really don't feel that different anywhere aside from my stomach, and a bit on my thighs.

Travis was surprised that I bought a new two piece last week at Target. He just assumed pregnant women all wore one pieces. When I was at the pool I did see two other pregnant women, and they were either in a one piece or a tankini. Is it weird to see a pregnant person in a bikini? Am I committing some social faux pas without realizing it?


Wednesday we finally made it back to the pool for an extended period of time. We were there for about 30 minutes when the lifeguard blew her whistle and said everyone had to get out of the pool due to 'fecal contamination.'



They said we'd have to wait 30 minutes before getting back in so they could clean it, so Travis took a nap. CWeek2

Then they handed out popsicles. I was a happy camper again.Cweek

As I mentioned in my post Monday I made some delicious healthy meals this week (Roasted buddha bowl and cauliflower quinoa kugel.) I still had my treats. I killed a container of Publix's organic chocolate ice cream in 4 days. On Wednesday Travis came home at 1 p.m. and I was still in my pj's, eating ice cream for lunch, and told him I felt sad and like crying for no reason. Yay pregnancy hormones! cweek4

After watching the cats fight over the single cat bed we had in front of the window we finally went out and bought a second one. Of course, now the third cat (who never faught over the bed before) wants up there too. Fortunately Travis's two boys can fit in one bed together and fatty Salem gets one all to himself. IMG_8749


I just love Rudy's bedroom eyes in this picture.RudyIf the weather stays nice we will probably spend a lot of time at the pool this weekend. Being in the water feels incredible right now! I have a few craft projects I'd like to work on, and start purging/organizing the pantry and kitchen. We should find out within the next few weeks where we are moving in a few months. Every day when Travis texts me from work, or comes home, I expect him to have some news (and every day so far I've been disappointed.) Between the move and the baby there is going to be so much happening this Fall. I've been working double time on the blog this week trying to get ready for a new blog layout, and a few other fun ideas I'd like to have implanted before my life gets batshitcrazy for a few months.

What are you up to this weekend? What's your stance on pregnancy bathing suits?