Fitness Friday: It's Summer in Florida Already

Workout Wrap UpApril 4

Happy Friday! I hope April is going well for everyone thus far. It's starting to warm up here which is awesome because it means lots of time is about to be wasted at the beach, but not awesome because it means 100% humidity and 70 degrees out by 9 a.m. The 2014 St. Jude Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon presented by Nissan is 22 days away so I'm trying to stay on point with my running and strength training. I had an awesome 'long run' (in quotes because 13.1 miles isn't really a long run when you are marathon training) at the Rock N Fly half on Saturday and a good speed session on Tuesday. 2014-04-01 09.42.26My favorite workout of the week was my mini hike in between classes on Monday. It was a nice reminder that I should set up some camping dates soon before it becomes inhumane to stay outside for 24+ hours at a time. 2014-03-31 16.08.59

My run on Thursday was challenging. My legs were pretty tired from pushing myself at the Half on Saturday and with speed work on Tuesday so combine that with ridiculous humidity and it wasn't my best run. Thankfully I ran with my old marathon training partner and we were able to wallow in misery together.

This photo wasn't taken in the morning, but one of the afternoons this week. Can you believe it's this hot already?

2014-04-02 11.12.20I use rising temperatures as an excuse to let my hair air dry and look like I spent all day at the beach. Even when I just spent all day at home on the computer. 2014-04-03 14.24.44-2

I had a stranger tell me they loved my dress when I was walking into work on Wednesday. It made me happy. I should start complimenting strangers more often. 2014-04-02 12.05.32The other highlight of my week was what I put into my belly. I jazzed up my food prep a bit last weekend and tried out two new recipes and they were both amazing! I know a lot of you were curious how my 'salad in a jar' would taste at the end of the week and I'm happy to report the lettuce is just as crisp as it was on day 1! I read a bunch of tricks/tutorials on them before making mine and one of the most common bits of advice was to make sure your lettuce is on top farthest away from your wet ingredients. So, you put dressing and other wet stuff in first, then stack in veggies/grains/whatever else, and then put lettuce in last. It worked for me and this may inspire me to start eating salads again regularly. 2014-04-02 08.39.12-2This weekend is my last long training run before I start to taper. I feel weird even calling it a taper period since my weekday runs haven't changed at all from my non-training months. The only thing I've done specifically to train for this marathon is increased my weekend long runs and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous that plan may backfire. I'm aiming for 21 miles this weekend at about 11-11:30 pace. If that goes well then surely I can handle 26.2 on race day. I've got a challenging hilly course picked out to do to mimic the infamous Nashville hills as  best as possible. Of course there is a 50% chance of rain for Saturday morning so I'm 100% sure I'll be running in the rain for 4 hours.

Good times.

After that if the weather is nice I'm hoping to find someone to go out to the beach with. I've been craving Mexican food lately and there is a great restaurant on the boardwalk, Cactus Flower, that I'd like to go to and eat 3 baskets of free chips and maybe have a margarita.

What are you doing this weekend? 

When was the last time a stranger complimented you? Or you complimented a stranger?