Fitness Friday: Just cat photos

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: rest

Sunday: 8 mile run

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T.

Wednesday: 5k (am) + 5 mile walk (pm)

Thursday: rest

Friday: 5k or speed work + Ripped in 30

I'm not exaggerating when I say it's been cloudy/rainy in Alabama 90% of March. That's my excuse for 3 rest days this week (I normally aim for just taking 2 days off.) I did a double workout day Wednesday so I still worked out 5x this week (this is me justifying hardly leaving the couch Thursday.)

As usual my Tracey Mallet DVD kicked my butt.

7A friend of mine is looking into buying her first heart rate monitor and I told her since starting to use mine 2 years ago I've noticed a significant increase in the amount of effort I put into a workout. I use this basic Polar watchΒ and when I see my HR dropping during a workout at home I'll do some sort of cardio to get it back up while their explaining moves. With the above workout I actually finished it at about 1 hour 5 minutes, but I had burned 380 calories and whenever I'm that close to rolling over to another 100 I'll keep working out on my own just to get it there (not OCD at all.) I did jumping jacks and high knees for a few minutes while watching cat videos.

Speaking of cats I have an abundance of cat photos to share from the week.

Another rare photo of Smokey. I love him to death but he just is so hard to photograph! He's constantly moving and just seems to take awkward photos (like his mother.) He's 10x more handsome in person.


Salem claimed the bed on Wednesday but Rudy jumped up to try and share. They fought for a second, but if I go over and supervise I can usually get them to settle down together. About 5 seconds after I took this photo Salem spazzed out and bit Rudy on the ass.Β 2

While on my evening walk Wednesday I saw tons of animals! I swear it was because Travis was with me. I was able to pry him away from studying (although he did bring his notecards with him) and get him to join me for the first half of the walk. This cute guy came up to us when we first left and followed us for a bit, and welcomed me home later.Β 4

We were walking by these woods when we saw a poor scruffy looking long-haired black cat run into them. He was obviously homeless, and had a big bite mark on his side. It absolutely broke my heart to see it. We tried to get him to come near us but he was extremely skiddish. I need to look into the animal shelter on post to see if they take in strays in case I can ever see/catch him.6

When I ran on the trail that morning I saw a cute little chipmunk, and I always get WAY too excited over them. I thought to myself that the only other animals I'd be more excited to see would be big animals like a deer or pig, or a bunny. Well, Travis spotted a huge bunny on our walk. I'm telling you he's like the animal whisperer.

All three cats prefer to hang out in the back room with him when he's studying, and I told him I'd figure out a way to get them to like me more. I took a small handful of catnip and rubbed it all over my shirt and sat down in the living room this week. Travis was laughing at me, and the stupid cats still hoovered around him in the kitchen over me. #CatLadyFail

Here's a video of the cats post catnip. Salem is unimpressed.

At least I got one cute photo with the #1 son this week.


We were planning on going camping this weekend but it's going to be freakishly cold here. It's supposed to get down into the 30's which is a bit too chilly for me to want to sleep outside all night. So, I think we are pushing it back to Easter weekend. Thankfully there's zero rain in the forecast so I'll probably try to sucker Travis into going on a hike with me and trying out the picnic basket my parents got us for Christmas. I see board games happening as well. What can I say, we're a wild bunch.

Weekend plans?

Last wild animal you saw?