Fitness Friday: Lots of Cat Photos + I'm in Rhode Island!


Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 3 mile walk

Sunday: 3.1 mile walk

Monday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 

Tuesday: 20 minute walk, 2 mile run, 20 minute elliptical

Wednesday: Prenatal Physique

Thursday: REST

Friday: Walk/Run in Newport

Another week of big-ass belly workouts. I know I should slap myself for even saying I look big now when I'll double in size over the next few weeks. I'm  happy I'm still getting in some activity 5-6x a week, even if it's just walking for an hour.

Here's a blurry gross post-workout sweaty selfie. Mostly to show off the belly. I mean, really, at almost 24 weeks I feel like I look like girls 30+ weeks. I swear this kid is going to end up weighing 10 pounds. He was measuring 2 weeks ahead at his last appointment so I may get another ultrasound in the third trimester to see if he's genuinely ahead, or I may just have excess amniotic fluid or something (like excess carbs nom nom nom.) Week3

I haven't really cooked at all this week. Just wasn't inspired. Most of my meals consist of glorified snack plates. I'm eating about every 3-4 hours so I feel like I'm constantly in the kitchen grazing on something. I've been killing oranges this week. Especially after a bag of salty mixed nuts. So good!Week2

This week Rudy has dominated the coveted cat bed positioned in front of the bird watching window. Salem finally got fed up with it and  just jumped on top of him. Rudy was not amused. IMG_8696Salem gave zero cares. IMG_8697

In not-so-happy cat news my very first cat, Big Sexy, has been in the vets since Tuesday. I adopted him when I was 19 and working at a Cat Clinic. When I moved out of the house around 22/23 he stayed there, so he's been my Mom's baby since then. She brought him in Tuesday morning after noticing he'd been eating substantially less than usual, and acting funny.

Short version: He has an abscessed tooth that they were going to extract same day. They did pre-anesthesia bloodwork and saw his glucose levels were sky high (meaning he may have diabetes), he was in acute kidney failure, he has mild arthritis in his back, and a cancerous tumor on his jaw.

Our whole family was pretty devastated. He's been at the clinic on an IV since Tuesday morning. Wednesday they rechecked his glucose and it was in normal range, so they think it was just stress induced. They are hoping to extract the tooth and biopsy the tumor this week if his kidney levels come down (as they expect they will.)

If it's cancer, and a kind that has not spread, then they will remove about 1/4 of his lower jaw (where the tumor is.) The vet says she's seen the procedure done multiple times with great results. I still can't think about it. He's the sweetest, most neurotic, cat. He's 12 so there's still a few good years we can squeeze out of him! Big SexySo please send poor Big Sexy all your best kitty thoughts. I know his name is so ridiculous. I don't know what possessed me to name him that. I still laugh anytime I picture Mom taking him into the vets and having them call out, "Big Sexy House."

I'm pre-writing this out Wednesday night before I leave super early Thursday morning for Newport. I can't wait to share all my trip photos with you all on Monday!

What are you up to this weekend?