Fitness Friday: Marathon this weekend!

Workout Wrap Upapril 25So, I kinda sorta can't believe I'm running a marathon tomorrow. I'm actually writing this post Wednesday night before I leave town so I'm sure by the time this actually goes up I'll be beside myself with nerves. It's such a fun excitement! This week my workouts have been extremely low-key. Mostly slow 5k's with friends and zero strength training. I'm looking forward to getting back on a regular pilates/barre schedule and working on some speed work after marathon recovery next week. I did two virtual run's this week. One on Tuesday for Earth Day with Vacation Races. Their next virtual run will be for Memorial Day and I hope to do that one as well. Their t-shirts are the kind you actually love to get and will wear instead of throwing in the back of a drawer never to be seen again. 2014-04-22 13.26.47My second virtual run was the #HappyHeart5km (that turned into a 4 miler) for Darwinian Fail. Toward the end of the run I found this little guy in the road. He was in the middle of a heavy traffic area and I knew there was a pond nearby so I did what anyone would do; picked him up and ran half a mile with him. I even took a video while running to prove it.

2014-04-23 10.54.24-2

2014-04-23 10.55.00I've been doing a lot of walking this week. A few miles both days I was in New Orleans and maybe a mile or so on Monday though Bay Bluffs Park in Pensacola. 2014-04-21 14.50.07

2014-04-21 15.30.43Since I left town early Thursday morning I had to cram 40-50 hours of work into the time I got back from NOLA Sunday afternoon to Wednesday night. To say I've been tired and stressed is an understatement on par with saying I 'sort of' like cats. I have been working up to 11 p.m. and have been working almost the moment I get up by 6 a.m. I'm really, really looking forward to being stuck in a car for 8 hours on Thursday and Saturday as I think it will give me time to just zone out and relax. I've been doing my best to keep my eating clean and full of good runners foods. I had a friend juice me some fresh beet juice and I've been adding some to my perfect runners drink.Β  2014-04-21 16.26.54

2014-04-22 13.43.00I've also been diligent about doing trigger point, foam rolling, and wearing my ProCompression socks. If you read my New Orleans posts earlier this week you probably noticed me wearing them (hard not to!) I ran a half marathon last Saturday before jumping in the car and driving 3 hours so they were essential. I'll be wearing them a lot pre and post-race in Nashville. Thankfully, they match my hair. Want to snag your own pair? Get 40%Β with code RNRNASH! 2014-04-19 14.00.08Of course I haven't been doing everything 'right' and I've made a few less-than-perfect food choices. Like picking out all the chocolate pieces in the Chocolate Chex cereal at my parents house and having two bowls of that with an absurd amount of chips for lunch. 2014-04-23 12.04.20Well, this is it. If you feel so inclined to keep up with my marathon induced nervous breakdown I'm sure I'll be blowing up my Twitter this weekend. The race starts at 7 a.m. tomorrow but I don't think I'll be crossing the starting line until about 7:30 based on my corral. So, hopefully, shortly after noon tomorrow I'll be a two-time marathoner!

Thank you all for your encouragement as I trained for this race! I love you guys.

P.S. I just looked down and saw this. Salem, taunting me.

2014-04-23 19.40.40-2