Fitness Friday: My Mommy Vacation + What True Love Is


This week has been a busy, wonderful, blur. I've logged 30 hours of grading time, kept up with my workouts and am thriving with the carb cycling. Little man slept through the entire night for the first time, and continued to do so most of the week. I literally didn't think that would ever happen. Today is FEAST day so I'll be downing close to 3000 glorious calories in the form of peanut butter and nachos. Yesterday was low carb so I snacked a lot on pumpkin seeds.


Travis worked until 3 a.m. Thursday  night so when he got up Friday and said he was hungry I offered to make him pancakes. Making this massive pile of pancakes when it's low carb day and you can't even having a teeny tiny bite yourself is my definition of true love. IMG_7977

Little man is loving eating solid foods! I set him up for lunch and dinner and we eat together. Well, he mostly plays with his food and I'm constantly picking stuff up of the floor before the cats eat it. IMG_7940

This week he's tried sweet potatoes, carrots and banana. Next week we will try broccoli, apples and avocado. I ordered these reusable food pouches off Amazon so I'm going to start making purees for him to feed himself. FullSizeRender (3)

On Thursday Travis didn't have to go into work until late in the afternoon so I had a few hours to myself to run errands. It had been a few weeks since I left the house by myself. It. was. glorious. I went to the grocery store, Michaels and my favorite downtown shop. I was in the best mood for the rest of the day. As much as I love being a WAHM and having the opportunity to spend all day with my son, it does get tiring. Mostly it felt great to just feel like Erica again.


After getting no snow for months it's been snowing nonstop this week. We must have almost a foot of new snow. It's so gorgeous again! FullSizeRender (2)


As I mentioned before yesterday was low carb day. The first few days I did low carb were a struggle (headache, irritable, etc.) but now I have amazing energy on low carb days. I've found a lot of things I can eat that are very low carb, and one of my favorites are Premier Protein shakes. They only have two net carbs each! On low carb day I try to keep net carbs to 50 grams so I always have a shake, or two.

Even though it's not St. Patrick's Day anymore I'm totally making this ice cream this weekend. Ice Cream If you'd like to whip up your own delicious, healthy, ice cream just comment below with your favorite healthy treat (I'm running out of ideas for myself!) and one person will win a Premier Protein sample pack. Open to US residents only and I'll pick a winner Sunday night at midnight!

Winner selected: NOELLE! Thank you all for entering. Noelle, I'll email you for your mailing info!